While wondering whether the Eagles' running game is permanent or ephemeral, it's time for another look inside the e-mail bag . . .

The critical question is this: Will Reid really run more in the future? History is on my side when I predict that he will not.

It's analogous to Dallas becoming known for great cheesesteaks.

- Michael


I'm also skeptical about the Birds' committing to the run for the remainder of the season. Like you, I fear the Giants game was some sort of historical anomaly.

As for Dallas, the only thing the town will ever be known for is the TV program of the same name. It's been almost 30 years since they shot J.R., but Larry Hagman is still their god.

- Gonzo

How come you can't say what Sean Avery said in the newspaper?

- Mike T

Mr. T,

I spent the better part of last week asking the editors that same thing. While the bosses and I strongly disagreed on whether to run the quote, I can tell you that their intentions were good. They want to protect readers and the paper's good name.

On my end, I prefer to be brutally honest - even when that sometimes means using questionable language.

For what it's worth, my grandmother agreed with the editors. She's 83, and damn smart.

- Gonzo

Using e-mails as part of your [Talkin'] article is very confusing to me. The e-mails that you get from other writers, I would rather read what you think and your views about Philly sports and its fans.

- Steve


Love the irony here. You sent an e-mail to complain about e-mails. Genius.

- Gonzo

I have been waiting for someone to do a piece on [Michael] Barkann. He is definitely the face of Philadelphia sports (not just CSN), although I know you don't write your headlines.

Until now, the face of Philly sports was probably Howard Eskin. Not because he was the best at anything, but because of the Morton Downey Jr./Howard Stern/Simon Cowell approach.



You are correct. I don't write the headlines for my stories. If I had, the one that ran with the Barkann piece would have said "Barkann to Gonzo: We wear makeup because we like it."

That's the kind of direct quote you can't use enough.

- Gonzo

According to my research, one main reason the Eagles haven't done as well as expected is because so many references have been made to them as being the "Birds."

This is an insult. It's like saying they are "For the Birds." The eagle is our national bird; the reference should be made with pride.

For God's sake, the Seahawks, the Ravens, and the Cardinals are not referred to as "the Birds" by their respective media!

I have even heard from two of the Eagles that they don't like the term, either. But I can't mention names.

- John


You can't mention names? Of course, of course. When it comes to sources and matters of national importance, you must protect your Deep Throats at all cost. Perhaps you can work out a Bob Woodwardian deal with them, whereby, once they die, you're allowed to reveal their identities in your tell-all book.

Until then, stay quiet, and always make sure you change cabs twice before meeting them in underground parking garages.

- Gonzo

I have two questions.

1) When is Bob Ford coming back?

2) You're a Fantasy Football guy, so you should get this concept. Can we play fantasy columnist? Sit Gonzo and Sheridan and play Fox and Lyon?

- Richard


1) No idea. Last I heard, he was having too much fun hitting Manhattan nightclubs with Plaxico.

2) Benching me makes sense. I'm all for it. And you're right: Ashley and Bill are extremely gifted. But don't insult Phil. Among other talents, including being a fine wordsmith, the man has an encyclopedic knowledge about bands I've never heard of. That should count for something.

- Gonzo

If the Birds do run the table, then that is a very strong indication that what Reid's been saying all along is correct, that it just took 'em a while this year to get on track, and they really are a damn fine team. In such a case, then doing well in the playoffs is hardly "something wonderful and unexpected," as you wrote in your column. Given where they stand right now, if they make the playoffs, then doing well in them would be very expected.

- Martin

It was another miracle in the Meadowlands - 33 running plays for Westbrook. Wonders will never cease. I guess this makes Marty Mornhinweg a super play-caller. It was also great to see Dallas blow the lead and the game. Perfect day all around.

- Ron

Do you think Reid gets it now? If not now, when? If not at all, he should be gone!

- Edward