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High Schools - Catholic League basketball previews

Returning members of the Daily News' 2007-08 All-Catholic Team: FIRST TEAM: Maalik Wayns, Roman, G SECOND TEAM: Tony Chennault, N-G, G; Daniel Stewart, N-G, F

Returning members of the Daily News' 2007-08 All-Catholic Team:

FIRST TEAM: Maalik Wayns, Roman, G

SECOND TEAM: Tony Chennault, N-G, G; Daniel Stewart, N-G, F

FOURTH TEAM: Kasheef Festus, Carroll, F

HONORABLE MENTION: Guards: Jamal Melvin, Bonner; Woody Redding, North; Tom Ryan, Judge. Forwards/Centers: Henry Smith, Bonner; Bob Makor, North.



Coach: Bernie Rogers, ninth year. Education: Ryan, Ursinus. 132-81.

Last year: 9-5, 17-10.

Savvy seven: Rus Slawter, 5-10, G; Anthony Keiter, 6-1, F; Eric Fleming, 6-1, G; Jerry Smith, 6-5, C; Colin O'Malley, 6-1, F; Anthony Magallanes, 5-9, G; Brendan Ostaszewski, 6-3, F.

Rogers' comment: "We have a great group of competitive kids who want to be good."


Coach: Tim Kelly, first year. Education: O'Hara, Muhlenberg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 4-10, 10-14.

Savvy seven: Josh Rogers, 6-foot, G; Anthony Bertolino, 5-11, G; Dan Kearney, 6-foot, G; Ryan Howarth, 6-4, C; Sean Mayo, 6-3, F; Miguel Pagan, 5-9, G; Chuck Naimoli, 5-11, F.

Kelly's comment: "Still trying to find an identity. Don't have a multitude of scorers. Trying to get better defensively and more hard-nosed."


Coach: Frank Cahill, fourth year. Education: North Catholic, Temple. Career: 45-33.

Last year: 8-6, 15-10.

Savvy seven: Tom Ryan, 6-3, G; Josh Jaskowiak, 6-2, F; Pat Schultz, 5-9, G; Ryan Langdon, 6-4, F; John McGrath, 6-3, F; Ryan Fenningham, 5-10, G; Fran Hennessey, 6-1, G.

Cahill's comment: "For a basketball team, I wouldn't want to play us in football!"


Coach: Joe Dempsey, fifth year. Education: Archbishop Kennedy, Elizabethtown. Career: 43-61.

Last year: 8-6, 15-11.

Savvy seven: Todd Stokley, 6-1, G; Tom Cooney, 6-1, G; Eddie Joyner-Mitchell, 5-11, G; Troy Hockaday, 6-2, G; Malik West, 6-3, F; Brennan Woods, 6-5, C; Tucker Durkin, 6-1, F.

Dempsey's comment: "If everyone continues to buy in, we'll be competitive every game. So far, we've had no ego issues."


Coach: Brian Daly, fourth year. Education: Bonner, Saint Joseph's. Career: 49-30.

Last year: 9-5, 18-8.

Savvy seven: Henry Smith, 6-5, C; Scott Slade, 6-5, F; Keefer Francis, 6-1, G; Jamal Melvin, 5-7, G; Brian Boyle, 5-10, G; Billy Scanlan, 6-foot, G; Jerry Colvin, 5-9, G.

Daly's comment: "With hard work, determination and senior leadership, we will improve each day."


Coach: Mike McCarron, seventh year. Education: North Catholic, Eastern. Career: 88-68.

Last year: 12-2, 22-5.

Savvy seven: Woody Redding, 5-7, G; Bob Makor, 6-3, F; Jaleel Mack, 6-1, G; Mike Terry, 6-foot, G; Josh Stevens, 6-2, F; Jack O'Neill, 6-5, F; Rakeem Christmas, 6-8, C.

McCarron's comment: "Losing seven seniors, we are rebuilding with a solid infrastructure. They can deal with adversity. There is a sense of accountability, not entitlement. We are lucky coaches because these kids are special."


Coach: Chris McNesby, first year. Education: Roman, East Stroudsburg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 14-0, 19-6.

Savvy seven: Maalik Wayns, 6-1, G; Rakeem Brookins, 5-11, G; Kevin Regan, 6-3, G-F; Koron Reed, 6-7, F; Anthony Mayo, 6-8, C; Andre Horne, 6-3, G; Abdul King, 6-1, G.

McNesby's comment: "Tough early schedule will hopefully get us ready for the CL."


Coach: William "Speedy" Morris, eighth year (also Roman, 1968-81; Penn Charter, 1983-84). Education: Roman. Career: 557-137; 169-41 at SJ Prep.

Last year: 8-6, 16-11.

Savvy seven: Pat Stewart, 5-11, G; Pete Buzby, 6-3, F; Dan Fitzpatrick, 6-4, F; Brandon Robinson, 6-5, F-C; Mike Leithead, 6-4, F; Joe Nardi, 6-foot, G; Sean Brophy, 6-2, G.

Morris' comment: "Success is formed by a team working together, and no one caring who gets the credit."

Blue Division


Coach: Paul Romanczuk, sixth year (missed '05 on medical leave). Education: Carroll, Penn. Career: 59-68.

Last year: 8-6, 14-11.

Savvy seven: Kasheef Festus, 6-5, F; Trevor McNulty, 6-3, G-F; Andre Wilburn, 6-5, F-C; Pat Daly, 6-4, G; Ben Mingledough, 6-4, G; DJ Irving, 5-11, G; Juan'ya Green, 6-3, G.

Romanczuk's comment: "If we continue to improve daily, we will hopefully be peaking at the right time."


Coach: Sean Tait, first year (Joe Sette on sabbatical). Education: Judge, Cabrini. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-12, 9-15.

Savvy seven: Tim Fahy, 5-11, G; Fran Dougherty, 6-6, F-C; Brian O'Grady, 6-foot, G-F; Joe Getz, 5-11, G; Fran Dolan, 5-7, G; Scott Adkins, 5-7, G; Sean McCartney, 6-3, G-F.

Tait's comment: "We have eight guys from Warminster that like each other. If we can play hard, smart and together, we will be all right."


Coach: Jack Rutter, 14th year (missed final 16 games of '05 on medical leave). Education: Dougherty, Alvernia. Career: 126-183.

Last year: 3-11, 12-12.

Savvy seven: Rodney Ellis, 6-4, C; Linburg Green, 5-9, G; Courtney Havens-Dobbs, 6-2, F; Mike Palmero, 5-11, G; Reggie Charles, 6-foot, G; Shawn Maguire, 6-4, C; Vince Beasley, 5-10, G.

Rutter's comment: "New team! New league! It's still a simple game with complicated people."


Coach: Mark Heimerdinger, 27th year (also Maple Point, 1981-82). Education: Ryan, Slippery Rock. Career: 444-294; 421-272 at Dougherty.

Last year: 9-5, 14-11.

Savvy seven: Brandyn Wims, 5-8, G; Dawan Earle, 5-6, G; Christian Gibbs, 5-8, G; Norman Dorsey-Poles, 6-3, C; Brandon Brown, 6-3, F; Ryan Colbert, 6-1, F; Art Comas, 6-2, F.

Heimerdinger's comment: "We're still trying to figure out who we are, and how we're going to play."


Coach: Rick Sabol, second year. Education: Conwell-Egan, Kutztown. Career: 13-11.

Last year: 5-9, 13-11.

Savvy seven: Jonas Skovdal, 6-4, F; Ryan Golin, 6-2, F; Isaac Robinson, 6-2, F; Kevin DeLorenzo, 6-2, F; Shayne Bonner, 5-10, G; Andrew Schaefer, 5-9, G; Ryan Fitch, 6-2, G.

Sabol's comment: "Our single purpose is to improve quarter by quarter, game by game, and do what we can to be included in the playoff mix."


Coach: Jack Flanagan, third year. Education: Kenrick, Temple. Career: 3-47.

Last year: 0-14, 3-21.

Savvy seven: Rob Griffith, 5-11, G; Kevin Shemar, 5-10, G; Ronell Fairel, 6-1, F; Dave Tornetta, 6-3, F; Brad Miller, 6-5, C; Alex Byrne, 6-3, F; Billy Malescio, 6-foot, G.

Flanagan's comment: "Whether practice, game, films, team Mass ... we want to approach everything like it's our first, last, only chance."


Coach: Bernie Fitzgerald, first year (also La Salle, 1992-93, 2002). Education: La Salle, Lafayette. Career: 31-44.

Last year: not in league.

Savvy seven: Mike Barr, 6-foot, G; Liam Coyne, 6-foot, G; Brian Keane, 6-2, F; Joe Patzuk, 6-foot, C; Brendan Stanton, 6-foot, G; Matt Tumasz, 6-1, G-F; Alex Kirk, 5-10, G.

Fitzgerald's comment: "We're a work in progress."


Coach: Carl Arrigale, 11th year. Education: Penn Charter, Lycoming. Career: 215-68.

Last year: 10-4, 15-10.

Savvy seven: Tony Chennault, 6-2, G; Daniel Stewart, 6-6, F; Tyreek Duren, 6-2, G; Andre "Scooter" Gillette, 6-9, C; Mustafaa Jones, 6-foot, G; Lamin Fulton, 5-9, G; Bradford King, 6-5, C.

Arrigale's comment: "I like this group a lot. We have great chemistry. I'm really looking forward to everything."


Coach: Bill Ludlow, 16th year. Education: St. James, Delaware County CC. Career: 194-189.

Last year: 3-11, 12-12.

Savvy seven: Rob Hollomon, 5-8, G; Haleem "P-Nut" Hayward, 6-1, G-F; Ade Barek, 6-7, C; Larry Brown, 6-3, F; Dwayne Shaw, 6-4, F-C; Kiwan Murray, 6-2, F; Aquil Younger, 5-11, G.

Ludlow's comment: "We're just hoping to average as many points as the football team."