The standings in Public D basketball are now officially unbalanced - two more losses than wins.

District 12 chairman Robert Coleman said yesterday that A. Philip Randolph and Science Leadership, first-year Pub members, have been hit with a double-forfeit for playing their first game Dec. 4, a league affair, 1 day before the official PIAA starting date.

According to workers at the Delaware Valley Score Service, which supplies high-school results and box scores to the Daily News, as many as 20 nonleague games involving PL schools were played Dec. 1 through 4.

Coleman said he is currently "combing through schedules" and trying to be determine exactly which schools committed violations. Possible penalties will meted out after a regularly scheduled meeting Jan. 7, he said.

"A to Z. One end of the spectrum to the other," Coleman said. "They could go from wrist slaps to probation."

- Ted Silary