AQUICK UPDATE FROM the site, the outfit that runs a weekly computer simulation to determine playoff odds. The Eagles' odds dropped about 2 percent after the events of last week, which isn't much either way. They remain a 1 out of 3 shot to make the playoffs. Their number is essentially the same as the Cowboys. It is behind the Falcons and way behind the Bucs.

This you already knew.

Still, there is comfort in knowing exactly where you stand. And, as you already probably know, this is the week where the Eagles will win or lose the thing, in all likelihood. This is the week where Atlanta has to go to Minnesota, and where the Bucs face the mercurial Chargers at home. If the Eagles don't get some help from one of those two teams this week, they probably aren't getting it.

- Rich Hofmann, via The Idle Rich (

Redskins' London gets no respect

Washington middle linebacker London Fletcher called himself the "the Susan Lucci of the NFL" after being snubbed for the Pro Bowl.

The reference is to the soap-opera star who was nominated for an Emmy 18 times before finally winning.

Fletcher, who has never missed a game in his 11-year career, said his career has been "Hall of Fame worthy." He has been an alternate for the Pro Bowl eight times, but has never won in the voting which is done by players, coaches and fans.

"I don't know if it was because I wasn't a first-round draft pick, I don't do some kind of dance when I make a 10-yard tackle, I don't go out and get arrested," Fletcher said. "I believe in playing the game the way it's supposed to be played. You line up each and every week, each and every play, and you go out and get the job done.

"You look at my body of work and I've done that for 11 years, but because I'm not going out causing a lot of controversy, holding a private meeting with the coordinator saying this, this and this, causing a lot of strife on my team, I don't garner a lot of attention." *

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