Pendarvis Williams was born in Germany, but don't even think about asking him,

"Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

"I don't know any German. Not even one word," he said, laughing.

He's forgiven. Williams entered the world over there only because his father, also named Pendarvis, was (and still is) serving in the Army.

"And we left when I was 1," he said. "And I've never been back."

Anyway, Williams, a 6-5, 170-pound senior at William Bodine High, is much more partial to numbers than language ("I love math"), and he rang up some decent ones yesterday in a Public D basketball game.

As the Ambassadors thumped visiting World Communications, 62-34, Williams totaled 13 points, nine rebounds, four assists and three positions. Although he dabbled at wing guard and small forward, he mostly ran the show at the point.

"That goes back to 10th grade," said Williams, who at that time played JV for John Bartram while attending the school's Motivation annex; this is his second year at Bodine. "Really, it started with my AAU team and then carried over to Bartram.

"I always played shooting guard when I was younger, but then my AAU coach said I looked like a good fit for point guard. I was a little uncomfortable with the change at first. Just wasn't sure I could do it. But I was up for trying."

Here's what he discovered, over time: He could easily shoot jumpers over smaller defenders, plus maneuver around taller guys.

"Now I like playing the point a lot," he said. "I can create for others, as well as myself.

"Sometimes the coaches say I'm a little too passive when it comes to looking for my own shot. I just want things to flow."

Williams said his mother, Sheri, was alerted to Bodine's good vibrations by a co-worker whose son had gone there. Pendarvis fit right in, because he knew some of the students from middle school and had even played summer ball with current teammates.

His GPA is 2.8 and his intended major - you might have guessed this - is accounting.

Erik Raleigh added 15 points and nine blocks for "Jethro," while Evan Herbert topped WC with 11 points.

"Evan was the only guy I figured we had to worry about," Williams said. "I thought we'd win pretty easily." *