While I prepare my stomach for some Christmas Eve gluttony, it's time for another peek inside the e-mail bag:

You missed a "boo" for Andy Reid. He knocked the defense for a slow start when they gave up a total of 10 points. Reid sounds like a complete and lost fool.

- Bill


My guess is that his comments were just part of the predictable "the whole team lost this game" nonsense that he uses as a crutch after every defeat. But you're right: When the defense allows just 10 points, and when the only touchdown is scored after Donovan McNabb fumbles in Eagles territory, you have to figure out something original to say - something that leaves the defense out of it.

The first question you guys should ask is this: "Andy, who was responsible for the play-calling today?" If it's [Marty] Mornhinweg, of course Reid is going to cover for him. It's your job to make sure he doesn't.

- Mr. Incognito

Mr. I,

I can assure you that the question has been asked and re-asked countless times by various members of the media. And you know what happens? Reid usually grumbles something about "not going there."

It's all for the best, anyway. The day Reid starts giving real answers is the day I can no longer catch up on my sleep during his press conferences. I live for naps on Mondays at noon.

You are spot-on regarding Andy's communication skills. Nothing is as debilitating to morale as folks not knowing where they stand. It's also downright discourteous not to discuss things with subordinates.

Andy never did get it. The disdain that he shows his players, the media and the fans is inexcusable.

- Robert


I've been staring at your e-mail for a while now, trying to think of something witty or funny to say. I can't come up with anything. Truth is, Reid seems to be pretty bad with that stuff. It's a shame. Working a little harder at communicating with the groups you outlined would make his life a whole lot easier.

- Gonzo

[The Redskins game] sealed Donovan's fate. You can't come up that small in a must-win game. He has done it twice now in six weeks. Yeah, the receivers had drops, but a quality QB with leadership ability finds a way to get into the end zone at least once.

- Ron


As I've said before, I'd rather see McNabb stay and Reid go. I think it's harder to replace a talented quarterback than a head coach.

But since that seems unlikely to happen, I hope McNabb lands in a place where they'll appreciate the dark blue/purple jacket he wore after the Redskins loss. I've heard a lot of people making fun of that blazer, but I don't understand why. Who doesn't dig the giant blueberry look?

- Gonzo

Try to write an article without bashing the franchise that just swept the lowly Eagles. I've got news for you: The Iggles are a major disappointment. How long has Reid been in Philly with Donovan running that system - seven, eight, nine years? That is pathetic and embarrassing. The Eagles are a subpar team, so please stop writing like they ever had a chance of going anywhere.

- CJ


I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're a Redskins fan. Anyway, you must have me confused with some other slow-witted, ink-stained, tilty-headed scribbler. At no point did I write, or even think, that the Eagles were "going anywhere." As for Reid running the same system for too long, I agree. It's time for a change.

Speaking of, you do know "the Hogs" came and went a long time ago, right? So why do Redskins fans still wear pig noses to games? It would be like Eagles fans wearing corduroy hats that say, "I'm back scrambling."

- Gonzo

I'm a New Yorker. I can take the negative comments regarding my beloved Mets most of the time. But why would you compare Fred Wilpon to Bernard Madoff? That's truly remarkable and bad journalism. Do some research, my friend!

- Robert M.

Robert M.,

I'll agree to do research when you agree to read what I actually wrote. I didn't compare Fred Wilpon to Bernard Madoff. All I said was that they were friends for a long time, and that they deserved each other. See? No comparison. Just guilt by association.

This does deserve further thought, though. Madoff stole money and never returned it. Wilpon took money from the fans, then gave them the Mets.

I think I'd rather give my money to Madoff.

- Gonzo

In a recent column, you wrote: "When I was in Boston, the New Englanders were condescending twits - always going on about their titles."

Condescending? Not really. Not at all. We just got sick of making the playoffs and not winning it all. When the '86 Sox had a "victory parade," most people wouldn't go.

- Mike
Ashland, Mass.


You know all that snow New England has gotten recently? And the ice? And the power outages? None of that happened here. Could it be that The Big Man Upstairs is tired of the Sawks and Pahts?

Just something to think about while you shovel snow until April.

- Gonzo