COWBOYS unbeatable? Hardly.

But I can't shake the feeling that the Eagles' season ended last week. That was the tone of the postgame locker room at Washington. There were players (not to mention coach Andy Reid) who didn't even know they were still alive for the playoffs after losing. Do you get that mojo back in a week, when you indeed might not be alive by the 4:15 kickoff? The Eagles can say it doesn't matter, they'll still want to beat Dallas.

It matters.

Let's say everything the Eagles need to happen earlier in the day happens. Are they then going to beat a divisional foe to close the deal? What's their record in the division again (1-4)? Their coach thinks he could have run it "a few more times" after abandoning the balance that brought him a three-game win streak, calling pass plays, disastrously, 16 times in a row in the second half last week. The quarterback who can't quite produce a game-winning drive when the chips are down thinks he's had a "great" year and would just like to mention, with the season on the line, that he could use a new contract.

Bah, humbug.


Cowboys 20, Eagles 13. *