Quote of the week

White Sox general manager Kenny Williams, to the Chicago Tribune, on the difficulty in making trades: "Just because you may need and want and desire something, it doesn't mean you can pick up the phone like you're ordering out for a pizza."

Promotion of the week

Atlanta's Triple A farm team, the Gwinnett Braves, have a cute in-game promotion: The Catch A Termite In Your Pants Contest.

Sponsored by a local pest control company, a fan is chosen to come onto the field. Stuffed termites are launched by a slingshot and the contestant tries to catch them in a pair of oversized, baggy pants.

Injury of the week

Pirates closer Matt Capps will be sidelined until at least tomorrow after feeling a sharp pain in his elbow when he pulled his jersey off after Monday night's game.

Free agent bust of the week

Prior to last season, righthander Carlos Silva signed a 4-year, $48 million free-agent contract with the Mariners. He won his first three decisions for Seattle. After that, it has been all downhill. Since then, he's 2-18 and on the verge of being banished to the bullpen.

To his credit, Silva has a firm grip on his situation. "It doesn't matter how I feel. It doesn't matter what I do. It doesn't matter how hard I work," he said. "If I don't show results, I don't show anything. You can be the greatest teammate. You can be the hardest worker. You can be all that stuff. But if you don't show results, you're always going to be on the bottom."

- Paul Hagen