While wondering whether the Princeton offense can turn water into wine, it's time to look inside the e-mail bag . . .

It was totally disrespectful to the fan base to hire [Eddie] Jordan when the coaching search was not even completed. (Why was Doug Collins not interviewed?) Jordan might work but I know of no true fan that wanted him. The question is: Why Jordan?

- Norman

Why Jordan? Because Ed Stefanski wanted him. It's that simple. And that's fine. He's the general manager, and it's his prerogative. I just think it was a really daring move. Perhaps even a foolish one. Because, as you noted, the fans aren't exactly happy about the Sixers picking Jordan. If Jordan doesn't turn the Sixers around, and fast, people will want to blame someone for hiring a guy who has a .444 career winning percentage.

After living in the Greater D.C. area for the last 19-plus years and seeing what Jordan was able to do (or not do) with the Bullets - I mean Wizards - I can tell you that there is no question what he will do for the Sixers. Not much - .444 sounds about right.

He'll probably get Stefanski fired for nepotism and incompetence (the Elton Brand signing). Oh well - not all fo-fo-fo's are alike. I'll take the Moses Malone variety. Unfortunately, Stefanski is giving us the Jordan variety. Perhaps he has Eddie confused with Michael.

- Jack

Since he and Jordan aren't related, they'd have to fire Stefanski for cronyism, not nepotism. Still, I get your point. But, hey, Stefanski said their friendship had nothing to do with hiring Jordan. I'm not sure anyone believes that, but you have to give them both credit for peddling the idea with straight faces. As for confusing Eddie Jordan with Michael Jordan, I would have preferred if the Sixers had confused Eddie Jordan with Tracy Jordan. Then people wouldn't feel so bad about laughing at the new head coach.

It is a little early to say that Stefanski's job rests with Jordan.  This is the first coach he's hired as the GM.  Billy "Trade Kicker" King hired and fired a bunch of coaches before his number was up. But to make Jordan's Princeton offense work, they need to add shooters - obviously. 

I just hope when Jordan said they need to go "uptown," it doesn't mean NYC for the NBA lottery.

- Colin

They need shooters? You're so wrong. Obviously you didn't hear the Eds talk about Jason Smith. To hear them tell it, the guy shoots better than Larry Bird and Reggie Miller combined. Forget about Chuck Person. Smith is the one true "rifleman."

I understand that the Vegas oddsmakers love the Sixers' new Princeton offense and have made them eight-point favorites over Penn and six over Cornell.

- Jerry

For shame. How can you mock the greatest offensive scheme of our time? The Princeton offense strikes fear into the heart of the enemy. The Princeton offense will turn Samuel Dalembert into an all-star, Andre Iguodala into a leader, and the Sixers into next year's NBA champs.

The Princeton offense can feed the hungry and make a blind man see.

Why waste your time and good ink on [Howard Eskin]? Really, you have much better topics to grind. 

- Robert

Eskin has been a major media figure in Philly for a long time. Since there's been discussion of adding someone to his afternoon drive show on WIP-AM (610), it needed to be addressed. You may not like him, but the cohost talk is newsworthy.

Eskin probably would have liked me to "grind" another topic, too. He told me he thinks I have an agenda, and that I'm upset that he hasn't had me on his show. I thanked him for being honest and returning my phone calls, then I assured him that's not the case.

I don't need anyone else to yell at me and sarcastically call me a "genius." That's what ex-girlfriends are for.

Please continue to add fuel - preferably jet or rocket - to the [Mike Missanelli / Howard Eskin] fight. 

- Bryan

Yeah, I think those two are perfectly capable of keeping the fire going all by themselves. For two guys who say they don't think about each other, they sure do spend a lot of time talking about one another. They're totally obsessed.

They should just make out and get it over with. The sexual tension is annoying.

Do we really need mostly unclad females clogging our computer screens as we attempt to read the sports page online? Do we really need a replacement for Hugh Hefner? Do you really need to do some faux-news story about cheerleaders or "lingerie" football?

And please don't rationalize it with, "I was talking about their brains."

- Kerry

Who's rationalizing it?

Party Down [on Starz] is pretty good. Can't go wrong when someone from The State is in it. (Usually. Well, half the time).

There's a connection to Party Down and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Fred Savage has directed episodes for both shows. Who would have thought he'd become a comedic genius?

- Mike

If only Winnie Cooper and Paul Pfeiffer could see him now.

- Gonzo