Before yesterday, Donovan McNabb hadn't discussed how he feels about offseason moves that made the Eagles younger, but potentially much more explosive offensively.

The quarterback said he hadn't spoken, "because I felt like it wasn't needed."

"There was nothing that I could have possibly talked about at that time," said McNabb, who last spoke substantively during Super Bowl week in Tampa. He declined to give news conferences during the just-concluded organized team activities, as he has done in the past. "I didn't know much about the guys that were drafted or were free agents. I don't think that you can really make a judgment on that after 2 1/2 days. Even after these 2 weeks, you're still trying to figure things out and get the timing and chemistry down, and that's going to happen all through training camp.

"Not to say that [his low profile] is going to change now that this is done. It's not going to change. I really didn't want to do this press conference anyways, but you know what? It's going to be done, and we're going to move on."

McNabb was asked whether this is the most explosive offense he has quarterbacked.

"It's hard to really assess that at this particular point," he said. "Everybody looks good in shorts. It's going to take time. I think one thing that you have to realize is that it took DeSean [Jackson] a while to kind of get his feet up under him. It's going to take [Jeremy] Maclin some time; it's going to take [LeSean] McCoy some time, [Cornelius] Ingram some time, and the same on the defense. So, for us, it's really the veterans, myself, [Brian] Westbrook, the guys who have been here, to just make sure that we lead them in the right direction."

The biggest offseason blip between the team and McNabb came in March, when's Michael Smith - the first to post the reworked contract figures yesterday, by the way - reported that McNabb wanted to assess the Birds' offseason before deciding whether he wanted to talk to them about a contract extension, or possibly a trade.

Asked about that yesterday, McNabb said, "I'm still assessing."

Pushed to explain, he said the report "didn't cite me. That wasn't me who said it."

Asked whether the report was accurate, McNabb said, "No. I didn't say it."


The Eagles waived rookie free-agent defensive tackle Trevor Jenkins, from Middle Tennessee State . . . Reports that the Eagles needed to give more money to Donovan McNabb to reach the salary-cap floor - the lowest amount teams are allowed to spend - are inaccurate. Before the McNabb restructuring, the Eagles apparently were around $4 million under the cap, well above the floor, but they had about $24 million in cap room, as a result of carrying forward likely-to-be-earned incentives from 2008 that were not earned. *