Defenseman Derian Hatcher underwent full right-knee replacement surgery June 1, the Flyers announced yesterday, and it likely signals the end of his career.

William Hozack of Rothman Institute performed the surgery at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, the team said, and Hatcher said yesterday that he felt "really good."

"It is a full knee replacement," Hatcher said. "I think they just go in there and saw some of the bone away and put the new knee in. I kind of know the process, but it is hard to explain.

"Rehab is not too bad. I am going about five times a week. For being 10 days out, I have made a ton of progress."

Will Hatcher try to be the first player to make a comeback with a brand new knee?

"I seriously doubt it," Hatcher said. "The doctor said no. So there you go."