The details of Donovan McNabb's restructured contract with the Eagles are in and the two-year deal is worth $24.2 million, not including incentives that are categorized as not likely to be earned.

The quarterback's new deal represents a $5 million bump in pay, according to a league source.

Under the terms of the old deal, McNabb had base salaries of $9.2 million this year and $10 million in 2010. His base salary remains $9.2 million for this season and is now guaranteed. The Eagles will pay McNabb a $2.8 million roster bonus that is due Friday. He will also be paid a per-game bonus of $31,250, which adds up to $500,000 over 16 games.

McNabb's base salary for next season will actually drop from $10 million to $5 million, but $3.5 million of the new figure is guaranteed. McNabb will be due a $6.2 million roster bonus May 5 of next year, and his 2010 compensation also includes a per-game bonus of $31,250, which adds up to $500,000 for the season.

Once McNabb gets his roster bonus on Friday, the new contract will include $15.5 million in guaranteed money.

According to the league source, McNabb's $12 million salary for 2009 makes him the third-highest-paid quarterback in the league behind Indianapolis' Peyton Manning and Kansas City's Matt Cassel.

The source said he believed McNabb's average salary per year jumped from 15th to seventh with the new deal.