CHICAGO - Shane Victorino and the Cubs filed a complaint yesterday with Chicago police regarding an incident in which a ticket holder threw a beer at Victorino during Wednesday night's game.

Police department spokesman Michael Fitzpatrick told the Associated Press that the incident was being investigated as a "simple battery." Two detectives spoke with Victorino in the Phillies' clubhouse after yesterday's game while the room was closed to the media, and the centerfielder was not available for comment afterward.

A man, whom the Chicago Tribune identified as Johnny Macchione, 21, of Bartlett, Ill., turned himself in to Chicago police yesterday. "We are talking to a man that did turn himself in to our officers," said John Mirabelli, a police spokesman.

The dousing occurred in the fifth inning of the Phillies' 12-5 victory, when Chicago's Jake Fox hit a fly ball to deep center. As Victorino looked up and prepared to catch the ball, a fan dropped a plastic cup with beer on the outfielder's face.

Umpires informed Phils manager Charlie Manuel that had Victorino not caught the ball, Fox would have been ruled out because of fan interference.

"He's probably at home laughing right now," Victorino said of the perpetrator before yesterday's game. "I just think he should be held accountable - that's it, nothing more than that."

Cubs chairman Crane Kenney apologized in person to Victorino, and Cubs manager Lou Piniella apologized in his postgame comments Wednesday.