Kevin Kolb's second interception yesterday included some powerful symbolism. The entire game was full of dreadful decisions and abject embarrassment for the Eagles, and the pick for six featured some of both.

Kolb threw a pass he shouldn't have, watched Darren Sharper pluck it out of the air, and then chased the New Orleans safety almost the length of the field. Right before Sharper reached the goal line, Kolb dived for him - and fell flat on his face.

That pretty much sums up what kind of day it was for the Birds.

Amazingly, it took a little while before the grumbling and groaning began yesterday. It took too long, frankly. Lincoln Financial Field was pretty well behaved for the first two hours of the game. It wasn't until the Saints pulled away and the Eagles completely crumbled that the dam cracked and a flood of boos finally washed over the field and soaked the Eagles.

They deserved it.

That was one pitiful performance. For a brief moment, it looked as if they might keep pace with the Saints' offense. That idea was folly, of course. The Eagles surrendered the most points they've given up at home in years (and the second-most ever under Andy Reid) and ended up getting thumped because of it.

The grousing may have gotten off to a slow start, but something tells me the chorus of complaints will grow louder as the week goes on - and rightly so. The hissing and hollering will be justified this week, friends. People like to give Philly fans heat for booing, but after yesterday's effort (or lack thereof) I don't think there are enough jeers to go around.

Go ahead and vent. After sitting through that mess, you earned it.

"We have to make sure this thing is right," Andy Reid said. "It wasn't right today - any phase of it. It was an absolutely horrendous performance."

We hear you, Andy. And now he and the Eagles will hear us. They might want to do the Old School/earmuffs thing. I don't think it will be pleasant.

Seriously?In the third quarter, Ellis Hobbs returned a kickoff to the Saints' 35-yard line. Then he started doing an animated, look-at-me, chest-thumping celebration - even though the Eagles were down 21 and he had fumbled a kickoff earlier in the game that led to a Saints touchdown. There's a time and a place to act the fool, Ellis. That wasn't it.

When the smoke clearedBefore the game, the Eagles set off the expected fireworks. The display left a gray cloud hovering over the field for a few minutes. At least I think it was from the fireworks. The smoke might have been caused by Drew Brees and the Saints torching the Birds' defense all day long.

Bad formRight before the half, Kolb badly overthrew DeSean Jackson in the end zone. It was an awful pass, no doubt about it, but Jackson's reaction was even worse. He threw his arms up in the air and shook his head like a child who didn't get what he wanted exactly when he wanted it. Might want to ease up on the mini-T.O. impersonation, young fella.

Andy's accuracyAfter Heath Evans scored a questionable touchdown for the Saints, Reid threw the challenge flag right into the back of one of the refs. Completely nailed him with it. The challenge didn't work out, but it was a great pass. I smell a quarterback controversy.

Wild about itMan, Reid loves the Wildcat doesn't he? That offense has gotten totally out of control. Did City Council pass an ordinance mandating that the Eagles run at least one tricked-out play per series? Whatever happened to running the offense and snapping the ball to the quarterback? I'm honestly asking. My buddy Fearce texted and called the Wildcat "the Macarena of the NFL." When I told Sheridan, he said it should be spelled "mock-arena." I don't think Phil likes the Wildcat, either.

What can Brown do for you?Apparently not much. Reggie Brown was inactive for the second straight week. Good thing the Eagles kept him on the roster. Reid seems to have a lot of confidence in him.

In the boneheaded fantasy football move of the week, I sat DeSean Jackson yesterday. If you need me, I'll be in the corner, cursing and crying. The Fantasy Gods are an evil lot. . . . Saw a guy in a Green Man costume in the Wachovia Center parking lot before the game. It's gotten to the point now where it feels as if there's a 50-50 chance of seeing someone dressed as Green Man every time I leave my apartment. They're everywhere. . . . A fan in front of the press box was wearing a Mike Patterson jersey, which I found interesting for two reasons: 1) He had the full first and last name spelled out across the shoulders. Why? Was he worried someone might confuse it for Dimitri Patterson gear? 2) He actually went out and bought a Mike Patterson jersey. What's the over/under on total Mike Patterson jerseys in circulation in the Delaware Valley - 11/2?