NASHVILLE - Jeff Fisher, coach of the Tennessee Titans, will be taking a break tonight from preparations for a crucial game with Miami to watch his son try to one-up his father.

Oldest son Brandon will be playing linebacker for Montana in the Football Championship Subdivision national championship in Chattanooga. Fisher made the trip last year, but Montana lost to Richmond in the title game. The Titans also came up short in the playoffs last season, losing in the divisional round.

Now the Grizzlies (14-0) are back to play Villanova, and senior Brandon Fisher is their fifth-leading tackler. The Titans? They're 6-7 with faint playoff hopes.

Jeff Fisher calls Montana a tremendous program and couldn't be happier for the Grizzlies. The title game is only a two-hour drive from Nashville, and Fisher says that works out perfectly.

And yes, he gets more worked up for his son's games than his own.

"I can't control it, can't control anything. I'm a dad," Fisher said.

He and his son talk frequently, and he expects to speak with him again before kickoff. He predicted the Grizzlies will be just fine.

When Fisher gets the rare chances to attend Montana games in person, he isn't swarmed by autograph seekers, either.

"Not at those game, no. I'm just a dad. I'm a proud papa," Fisher said.