Here are some remembrances of former Phillies traveling secretary Eddie Ferenz, who died Saturday at age 74:

Phillies president David Montgomery: "From the time that Eddie joined us in the 1960s [in 1969] until his retirement, he was a valuable member of the Phillies organization. As the team's traveling secretary, Eddie handled all aspects of our team travel and most of our club's spring training arrangements. Eddie performed his job well and gained the respect of hundreds of Phillies players in doing so. Eddie, along with others in our organization, adopted Clearwater as his second home. He was beloved in that community and by his many friends at the Phillies."

Phillies chairman Bill Giles: "Eddie was a very loyal employee in the Phillies family - well-respected by the front office and the players. He will be missed."

Broadcaster Chris Wheeler: "Eddie had one of the toughest jobs in the organization. He had to make all the travel plans work to perfection. If the planes and buses were on time, and every one had their hotel room, that's the way it was supposed to work. If there were problems, then he heard about it. Eddie did a great job for many of us for a long time. Once in while, the former minor league hockey player would get into a physical altercation with a player. One day he told us there would be no more fisticuffs for him. Why we asked? Said Ferenz, 'I just got my new teeth.' He was one of kind. A great guy and a good friend who loved spring training and Clearwater more than anyone. He will be missed."

Larry Bowa: "Eddie Ferenz was one of the nicest human beings I've ever met. He was a great traveling secretary and an even greater human being. He will be missed by all of his friends that came in touch with him throughout his career. He had a heart as big as could be and he really cared about the Phils. We will miss you, Ed, and all our prayers go out to your family."