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THIS YEAR, I am experiencing many "firsts." This past Saturday was my first real snowstorm. Growing up in California, I never saw a snowfall like the one this past weekend. Wow! I couldn't believe I had to drive 15 mph on the highway just to stay safe and keep in the lane.

I also grew up not celebrating any holidays. From birthdays to Thanksgiving, because I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, my family did not observe these days. So, believe it or not, Christmas is still a very new experience for me. Soon after I got into the NFL, I became a Christian. Now, I am excited for the presents, and I love the time you get to spend with friends and family and all the traditions that come along with this special holiday. Most important, I realize that Christmas is a time to remember and be thankful for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Right now, I am dealing with the perils of the in-laws. For the first time, they have come to town for the holidays. My wife comes from a large family, and her parents and three brothers are here for the week. So it makes for a merry time. My cousin, who is stationed in Alaska, is in town, as well. I feel especially blessed to have him here for the holidays, so I can properly thank him for his service to our country. Our servicemen and servicewomen are the real heroes, for the sacrifices they make to protect our freedom. Needless to say, a lot of eating will be going on in the Justice household. Every holiday, my wife and I scour the city for the best buffet in town. One of the big treats for me is that on holidays, I get to go off my diet.

The holidays go by extremely fast. During the season, with the playoffs approaching, we have to stay focused on the upcoming games. There are no real days off this time of year. We are busy all week preparing for our next opponent, the Denver Broncos. All we want for Christmas is to clinch the division. But, for all the single women out there, I overheard Todd Herremans proclaim he is searching for "true love" this holiday season. Maybe we also can make that happen.

On this holiday season, I also would like to thank all the great fans who come out and support the team. We take great pride in our jobs. And it feels great to have such passionate fans, who believe in the team. Sunday will be a great matchup. We have a fan favorite coming back, Brian Dawkins, and he will be accompanied by a great front seven.

Q & A

Question: A couple of weeks ago, Jason Peters was hurt trying to make a cut block and falling to the ground. When one of you guys fall to the ground, there's a vibration. In the Giants game, you too tried and succeeded using a cut block. Should a lineman always stay on his feet? Aren't cut blocks more dangerous for an offensive lineman than keeping your feet while blocking? Or are there specific blocking assignments that call for a lineman to administer a cut block? Thanks. Ron Harrington.

Answer: Ron, yes, there are specific assignments that call for the lineman to use cut blocks. Coaches like the players to cut block, usually on run plays, especially when the play is going away the side the cut block is used. Actually, defenders hate when players dive at your legs. There is no easy escape for a 6-6, 320-pound lineman diving at your knees. But you are right. You can get hurt, and sometimes you do miss. Some defenders out there are good at stopping cut blocks, so we wouldn't use them with some teams.