Celts' home jinx

Having won the first two, the Boston Celtics are back home to play the Orlando Magic for Game 3 on Saturday, but that's not necessarily a good thing.

The Celtics were one of only two NBA teams with a better record on the road than at home this season.

'Overzealous' staffer

There it was on Facebook for all to see: the Washington Wizards telling the world they will draft John Wall with the No. 1 pick.

Myron Goodman made the posting Friday on a Facebook page for University of Kentucky alumni. It read: "I am a sales rep for the Washington Wizards. John Wall will be our choice as the [No. 1] overall pick in the June draft. If you want a great deal on tickets . . . email me."

The posting was soon taken down. Wizards spokesman Scott Hall says it was "simply the case of an overzealous member of our sales staff acting on his own."

Pittman bereavement

Former Texas center Dexter Pittman has left the NBA Draft Combine after his half-brother was shot and killed in Houston.

Cuban wants James

Mark Cuban is no stranger to bold statements, and the Dallas Mavericks owner has expressed his interest in acquiring soon-to-be free agent LeBron James.

The outspoken billionaire, in an interview this week with CNNMoney.com, said "anybody" would be interested in James.

- Associated Press