Local Golf

Women's Golf Association


Inter-City matches at Huntingdon Valley.

Team scoring: Philadelphia 43.5, Massachusetts 32.5, New York 32.

Foursomes: Meghan Stasi and Ann Laughlin, Phila, def. Sarah Whitney and Kerri Connolly, 3-0; Stasi and Laughlin halved Sherry Herman and Dani Mullin, N.Y., 11/2-11/2; Herman and Mullin def. Whitney and Connolly, 21/2-1/2.

Catherine Elliott and Alyssa Roland, Phila., def. Alicia Kapheim and Ellen Oswald, N.Y., 3-0; Elliott and Roland halved Tara Joy Connelly and Marion Webster, Mass., 11/2-11/2; Connelly and Webster def. Kapheim and Oswald, 21/2-1/2.

Laura Ladden and Liz Haines, Phila., def. Anne Fraser and Pam Kuong, Mass., 3-0; Ladden and Haines def. Becky Montgelas and Laura Algiero, N.Y., 2-1; Montgelas and Algiero def. Fraser and Kuong, 3-0.

Lisa McGill and Alexandra Frazier, Phila., def. Adrienne MacLean and Susan DeKalb, N.Y., 3-0; McGill and Frazier def. Lisa Anderson and Mary Chamberlain, Mass., 21/2-1/2; MacLean and DeKalb def. Anderson and Chamberlain, 2-1.

Singles: Meghan Stasi, Phila., def. Mary Chamberlain, Mass., 3-0; Stasi def. Ellen Oswald, N.Y., 3-0; Chamberlain def. Oswald, 2-1.

Alyssa Roland, Phila., def. Dani Mullin, N.Y., 3-0; Roland halved Kerri Connoly, Mass., 11/2-11/2; Connoly def. Mullin, 2-1.

Catherine Elliott, Phila., def. Sherry Herman, N.Y., 3-0; Tara oy Connelly, Mass., def. Elliott, 21/2-1/2; Connelly def. Herman, 3-0.

Kristen MacDonald, Mass., def. Laura Ladden, Phila., 2-1; Becky Montgelas, N.Y., def. Ladden, 2-1; Montgelas def. MacDonald, 2-1.

Lisa McGill, Phila., def. Anne Fraser, Mass., 3-0; Adrienne MacLean, N.Y., def. McGill, 3-0; MacLean def. Fraser, 3-0.

Sarah Whitney, Mass., def. Ann Laughlin, Phila., 3-0; Susan DeKalb, N.Y., def. Laughlin, 3-0; Whitney def. DeKalb, 3-0.

Alexandra Frazier, Phila., def. Pam Kuong, 2-1; Frazier def. Cheryl Bryaman, N.Y., 21/2-1/2; Brayman def. Kuong, 2-1.

Lisa Anderson, Mass., def. Loraine Jones, Phila., 21/2-1/2; Laura Algiero, N.Y., def. Jones, 3-0; Anderson def. Algiero, 2-1.

Philadelphia City Cup

At Atlantic City.

Union League 11, Pyramid Club 10