Villanova's men's basketball program was one of two Top 25 teams that had a 100 percent graduation rate in the latest data released by the NCAA. BYU is the other.

The figures are based on freshman classes entering school from 2000-01 to 2003-04.

Temple, also a Top 25 team last year, had a 33 percent graduation rate, one of three programs that graduated less than 40 percent. Baylor (38 percent) and Maryland (31 percent) are the others.

No football program currently ranked in the BCS Top 25 had a 100 percent graduation rate. The highest was 13th-ranked Stanford, with an 86 percent graduation rate.

The NCAA said student-athletes are earning degrees at record rates, graduate at higher rates than other students and football players and black men's basketball players are making big gains in the classroom.

The report shows 79 percent of all Division I athletes earned a degree within 6 years. That matches last year's record number.

The latest freshman class, from 2003-04, also hit 79 percent, tying the record mark set each of the past 2 years. *