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SO MUCH FOR the notion that bigger is automatically better. These days in Public League basketball, which tips off today with games in four of the five divisions, the schools in the highest enrollment classification (AAAA) pretty much have to take a back seat . . . or even get stuffed in the trunk.

Jeremiah Worthem (21) will be a key player for Math, Civics & Sciences.
Jeremiah Worthem (21) will be a key player for Math, Civics & Sciences.Read moreASSOCIATED PRESS

SO MUCH FOR the notion that bigger is automatically better.

These days in Public League basketball, which tips off today with games in four of the five divisions, the schools in the highest enrollment classification (AAAA) pretty much have to take a back seat . . . or even get stuffed in the trunk.

Ben Dubin, the second-year hoops chairman, convinced his colleagues (and higher-ups) that the teams should no longer be aligned in divisions based on enrollment, but instead on recent results/ability grouping/whatever description you prefer.

Division A, already being termed the Super Division, sports 12 teams, and it's likely three of the four from AAAA, if not all, will finish toward the bottom.

Come playoff time, the teams will be separated by classification and one apiece from AAAA, AAA, AA and A will advance to the overall semis.

So, which team deserves to be called the Pub's very best?

Not a gimme, folks.

Imhotep Charter, the three-time defending Pub champion and the 2011 state AA kingpin, as well, returns only two members of its nine-man rotation (starter Brandon Austin, sixth man Khyree Wooten). But the transfer winds have been ever-forceful, and these guys will be formidable.

In Class A, Math, Civics & Sciences Charter, another defending state champ, returns starter Jeremiah Worthem and key subs Quentin Davis and Jeffon Powell. And, hey, what do you know, good youngsters from Olney, Prep Charter and Roman Catholic just happened to transfer there. The Mighty Elephants' battle-royale foe will be Constitution, which had one tremendous senior (Daiquan Walker) and, likewise, just happened to pick up another (Savon Goodman, Academy of the New Church).

There also figures to be a classic two-dog fight in AAA, featuring Boys' Latin Charter and Philadelphia Electrical & Technology Charter.

BL mainly looks to Boston U. commit Maurice Watson Jr., a brassy guard who has a good chance to replace Wilt Chamberlain (2,206 for Overbrook, class of '55) at the No. 2 spot on the city's career scoring list. Strawberry Mansion's Maureece Rice (2,681), an '03 grad, is thinking he's safe at No. 1. Frontcourter Carlos Taylor (UMass-Lowell) and guard Yahmir Greenlee are also quality.

PET relies heavily on semi-Twin Towers Jai Williams (6-9) and David George (6-8), while guard Hakeem Baxter is poised for a bust-out season.

AAAA promises to be an uncompelling mish-mash. Blame the charters for that.

Don't all faint at once, but the league actually downsized from 68 to 66 teams. Furness and Saul dropped their programs.

New coaches: Wali Smith, Audenried; Greg Frangipani, Bok; Matt Hartman, Bracetti; Wayne Jackson, Edison; Howard Waxman, Elverson; David Reeves, FitzSimons; Ryan Monastra, Franklin Towne; Henry Hunt, Future; Aron Cohen, Gratz; Jason Skovronski, Kensington; Duane Ramer, King; Kevin Floyd, Lamberton; Steve Lesh, Mastbaum; Lateef Green, Mastery North; Dennis Engelman, Northeast; Ron Brown, Olney; Tina Wiggins, Overbrook; David Brown, Phila. Academy; Rahim Washington, Prep Charter; Lou Williams, Southern; Tim Castanza, University City; Jermaine Snell, West Philadelphia; Mike Carpenter, World Communications.

That list includes coaches who have worked at other schools, or even had earlier stints at their current schools.

The most famous name on the new-coaches list is Rahim Washington. Why? Well, he's the first member of the city's 50-Point Club (53 for Overbrook in '98) to become a head coach at a Public, Catholic or Inter-Ac League school. We hear he doesn't charge for autographs.




Coach: Maurice Watson, 4th year. Education: West Phila., Holy Family. Career: 49-25.

Last year: 13-2, 19-8.

Savvy seven: Maurice Watson Jr., 5-10, G; Carlos Taylor, 6-4, F; Yahmir Greenlee, 5-9, G; Rahshan Wooten-Miller, 6-foot, G; Ismael Kagone, 6-4, F; Khadafi Robinson, 6-5, F; Eric Lark, 6-5, F.

Watson's comment: "We are ready for the powerhouse Division A. I hope everyone else is, too, 'cause we bringin' it."


Coach: Lou Biester, 7th year (also Bartram, 1990, last nine games of season; Bartram, 2000-05). Education: Bonner, Christian Brothers University (Tenn.). Career: 260-66; 136-29 at CT.

Last year: 10-1, 23-6.

Savvy seven: Basil Malik, 5-10, G; Tony Parker, 6-2, G-F; Terrence Brown, 6-3, F; Terrell Parker, 6-2, F; Richard "Eggy" Hoskins, 6-1, G; David Johnson, 5-10, G; Tone Stokes, 6-foot, G.

Biester's comment: "Guarded optimism."


Coach: Rob Moore, 3rd year. Education: Bodine, Temple. Career: 45-13.

Last year: 12-1, 25-6.

Savvy seven: Tamir Bolger, 5-8, G; Daiquan Walker, 6-2, G; Savon Goodman, 6-7, F; Amonie Holloman, 5-8, G; Fajion Jones, 6-3, F; Craig "Poppy" Slade, 6-7, F; Shaire Tolson-Ford, 5-10, G.

Moore's comment: "Hungry to build upon last year's success and our focus is not to fall short this year."


Coach: Dave Huzzard, 2nd year. Education: Owen J. Roberts, Kutztown. Career: 20-6.

Last year: 11-2, 20-6.

Savvy seven: Imire Taylor, 5-11, G; Chris Lewis, 6-6, F; Donald Robinson, 6-4, F; Randall Satcher, 5-11, G; Shaquil Rone, 6-3, F; Chris Williams, 6-foot, G; Andre Coach, 6-6, F.

Huzzard's comment: "We can drive the ball 300 yards, but we may struggle to make a putt."


Coach: Andre Noble, 8th year. Education: Boston Latin (Mass.), Lincoln. Career: 165-38.

Last year: 11-0, 31-3.

Savvy seven: Khyree Wooten, 6-2, G; Brandon Austin, 6-6, G; Kamani Jordan, 5-10, G; Dymir Logan, 6-6, F; Shakur Nesmith, 6-5, F; Devin Liggeons, 6-2, G; Gregory Bennett, 6-3, F.

Noble's comment: "A good mix of young and older players. Working hard, very coachable, and understand the tradition they have to protect!"


Coach: James Brown, 6th year (also Philadelphia Regional, 1995, '98-99; West Philadelphia, '96-97). Education: Overbrook, West Chester. Career: 119-99; 87-46 at Bartram.

Last year: 9-4, 14-11.

Savvy seven: Jared Bryant, 6-3, G; Bo Murray, 6-4, F; Gary Gordon, 6-4, G; Terreick Williams, 6-2, G; Malik Noel, 6-1, G; Gerald Evariste, 6-6, F; Ahmeer Prescott, 6-3, F.

Brown's comment: "Young and inexperienced. Working hard to get better."


Coach: Danny Jackson, 6th year. Education: MC&S, Saint Joseph's. Career: 101-41.

Last year: 13-0, 26-5.

Savvy seven: Jeremiah Worthem, 6-6, G-F; Jeffon Powell, 6-5, F; Quentin Davis, 6-6, F; Quadir Welton, 6-7, F; Abraham Massaley, 6-foot, G; Basil Thompson, 6-6, F; Malik Starkes, 6-4, F.

Jackson's comment: "Members of common group working together to achieve a common goal."


Coach: James "Flame" Lewis, 4th year. Education: Roman, Temple. Career: 46-28.

Last year: 15-0, 23-6.

Savvy seven: Hakeem Baxter, 6-2, G; Emmanuel Brown, 6-4, G-F; Dyshon Pack, 6-5, G-F; David George, 6-8, F; Jai Williams, 6-9, F-C; Khaleem Taylor, 5-8, G; Marcus Smith, 6-1, G-F.

Lewis' comment: "We'll go as far as our dedication to rebounding and desire to defend take us."


Coach: Rahim Washington, 1st year; Education: Overbrook, Neumann. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 7-4, 16-12.

Savvy seven: Byron Whiting, 5-9, G; Mustapha Traore, 6-6, F; Raheem Liggins, 6-5, F; Alex Woods, 6-foot, F; Lykeem Laws, 6-1, F; Brandon Adams, 6-1, F; Malik Smith, 5-8, G.

Washington's comment: "Inexperienced and young. Learning every day that individual skills will make a complete team when their skills work together."


Coach: Jamie Ross, 2nd year; Education: Frankford, Eastern Kentucky. Career: 19-8.

Last year: 8-3, 19-8.

Savvy seven: Rysheed Jordan, 6-4, G; Shawn Williams, 6-foot, G; Corey Morris, 6-4, F; James Cole, 6-4, G; Kyseem Roberts, 5-10, G; Daron Johnson, 6-foot, G; Khalief Tinley, 6-foot, G.

Ross' comment: "Hopefully, we can be competitive every time out in a tough division."


Coach: Aron Cohen, 1st year; Education: Abington Friends, Penn. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 13-0, 20-4.

Savvy seven: Javon Singer, 5-11, G; Troy Todd, 5-11, G; Khilil Farrell, 6-3, F; Fulani Freeman, 6-4, F; Aaron Sawyer, 6-3, F; Shaakir Gibbs, 6-2, G Chris Houser-Dinkins, 5-4, G.

Cohen's comment: "Young, focused and hardworking, but inexperienced, best describes this team."


Coach: Lou Williams, 1st year (also U. City, 2005-10; West Phila.); Education: Franklin, Fisk (Tenn.). Career: 81-84.

Last year: 8-5, 10-11.

Savvy seven: Lou Myers, 6-2, G; Robert Leonard, 5-3, G; Malakiah "Max" Hunter, 6-1, G; Kelvin Bain, 6-4, F; Eric Fulton, 6-5, C; Tyriek Gilliard, 6-5, F; Jamil Stokes, 6-5, F-C.

Williams' comment: "We do have some talent. Front line is not tall, but lanky. Guard play will play an integral part in our success."



Coach: Al Brown, 2nd year; Education: Northeast, Maryland Eastern Shore. Career: 9-8.

Last year: 8-5, 9-8.

Savvy seven: Michael Bowlers, 6-7, F; Ismail Wilson, 5-10, G; Adonis Rosario, 6-3, F; Jarmel Kenan, 6-3, G; Mark Mayfield, 5-10, G; Anthony Caruso, 5-8, G; Anton Fletcher, 6-4, F-C.

Brown's comment: "Looking to improve upon last year."


Coach: Jason Harrigan, 2nd year. Education: Burlington City (N.J.), Florida A&M. Career: 11-10.

Last year: 7-4, 11-10.

Savvy seven: Fateem Brockington, 5-10, G; Khayri King, 6-3, G; Marcus Thomas, 5-10, G; Shaquille Ford, 6-6, C; Greg Sharp, 6-foot, G; Richard Burton, 6-2, G-F; Antwan Scriven, 6-6, F.

Harrigan's comment: "We're rebuilding, starting with culture and character."


Coach: C.M. Brown, 31st year. Education: Central, West Chester. Career: 368-271.

Last year: 13-2, 18-5.

Savvy seven: Brandon Brown, 6-2, F; Dijon Eggleton, 6-2, F; Tahjere McCall, 6-3 G; Frank Azondekon, 6-3, F; Asante Prophet, 5-11, G; Sibley Robinson, 6-1, G; David Snead, 6-3, F.

Brown's comment: "This season will require extra work and dedication."


Coach: Leonard Poole, 3rd year (also Phila. Regional, 1997; Gratz, 2003-08); Education: Gratz, East Stroudsburg. Career: 156-78; 22-23 at FLC.

Last year: 8-7, 10-13.

Savvy seven: Troy Steed, 6-4, F; George Ellis, 6-5, F; Sean Lloyd, 6-3, G; Deion Boyer, 5-9, G; Nasir Smith 6-3, F; Basil Griffin, 6-foot, G; JaCory Livingston, 6-4, C.

Poole's comment: "We'll show up and play hard."


Coach: John Brown, 3rd year. Education: Overbrook, Strayer. Career: 23-20.

Last year: 6-5, 14-8.

Savvy seven: Brian Williams, 5-8, G; Carlton Wright, 5-11, G; Andrew Stewart, 5-11, F; LaQuan Alston, 5-9, G; Shahid Adams, 6-foot, G; Jahyde Gardiner, 6-5, G-F; Zaphir Dozier, 6-3, C.

Brown's comment: "Talented, seasoned veterans and newcomers who know the ropes and challenges we'll be up against."


Coach: Calvin Jones, 26th year. Education: Edison, Delaware State. Career: 224-298.

Last year: 12-1, 18-6.

Savvy seven: Kendale Truitt, 6-3, G-F; Nafeece Edwards, 6-4, G-F; Rashid Jackson, 6-foot, G; Steve Hall, 5-10, G; Adonis Fountain, 6-4, F-C; Phil Washington, 6-2, G; William Davis, 6-4, F-C.

Jones' comment: "We have a few good athletes and expect to be very competitive within our division."


Coach: Matt Wahl, 3rd year. Education: La Salle, La Salle. Career: 27-17.

Last year: 9-6, 12-11.

Savvy seven: Imir Bailey, 6-3, G; Will Brooks, 6-4, F; Salil Hunter, 6-foot, G; Rhadae Jackson, 5-10, G; Terraine Johnson, 5-10, G; Khalif Mink, 6-foot, G; Hasahn Spencer, 6-4, F.

Wahl's comment: "New team, new mentality."


Coach: William Johnson, 4th year. Education: Pemberton (N.J.), Rowan (N.J.). Career: 34-34.

Last year: 12-3, 15-8.

Savvy seven: Marquell Tate, 6-2, G; Lamar Harrison, 6-1, F; Kiwuan Trawick, 6-2, F; Daquan "Day-Day" Brown, 5-6, G; Dequan Jackson, 6-3, G-F; Andre Cannedy, 6-foot, G; Devonte Laws, 6-1, G.

Johnson's comment: "Youth sprinkled with a couple veterans. Will be interesting."


Coach: Rob Powlen, 7th year; Education: Crefield, Philadelphia Textile. Career: 73-52.

Last year: 10-3, 15-8.

Savvy seven: Marquise Richards, 5-11, G; Richard Lemon, 6-4, F; DayJaun Buttler, 5-9, G; Nate Hargust, 6-foot, G-F; Raymond Jefferson, 6-foot, F; Ahmed Doumbia, 6-2, F; LeRon Epps, 5-10, G.

Powlen's comment: "Hoping our five seniors can provide much-needed leadership. Looking for breakout year from Lemon, coming off 2 injury-plagued years."


Coach: Mark Heimerdinger, 3rd year (also Dougherty, 1983-09). Education: Ryan, Slippery Rock. Career: 449-306; 21-19 at Fels.

Last year: 6-7, 11-10.

Savvy seven: TJ Scott, 6-2, G-F; Casey Bell, 5-8, G; Njiay Kelly, 6-3, F; Kyree Westbrooks, 6-3, F; Roman Black, 6-1, G-F; Devon Wilson, 5-9, G; Jordan Grant, 5-9, G.

Heimerdinger's comment: "The dogs keep barking, but the caravan moves onward."


Coach: Matthew "Moo" Johnson, 2nd year. Education: Mansion, Gwynedd-Mercy. Career: 7-11.

Last year: 3-8, 7-11.

Savvy seven: Karon Keene, 6-4, G; Raekwon Dial, 5-7, G; Saleem Sutton, 6-3, F; Arthur Bines, 5-11, G; Sultan Smith, 6-foot, G; Jermaine Gregory, 6-3, F; Vernon Holt, 5-9, G.

Johnson's comment: "Hard work and dedication will land us in a good spot."


Coach: David Reeves, 1st year; Education: Delsea (N.J.), Rowan (N.J.). Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-6, 10-14.

Savvy seven: Desmond Smith, 6-2, G; Gary Nicholson, 6-foot, F; Donte Pearson, 5-10, G; Rhisheen Wilkes, 5-10, G; Brandon Jiles, 6-foot, G; Shahiem Saunders, 6-1, F-C; Albert Cheeseboro, 6-1, F-C.

Reeves' comment: "We'll be a small, but fast, hardworking group of young players."


Coach: Tim Castanza, 1st year; Education: Saint Joseph by the Sea (N.Y.), Saint Joseph's. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-5, 12-9.

Savvy seven: Diante Lunsford, 5-9, G; Quahdire Gordon, 6-3, F; Jah-son Abraham, 5-8, G; Khayri Washington, 5-11, G; Ashandu Akbar, 5-6, G; Joshua Fenwick, 6-1, F; Devaughn Lively, 6-2, F.

Castanza's comment: "While we may lack in size, we do not lack heart. No team will play defense harder or be more aggressive."


Coach: Jermaine Snell, 1st year (also Olney, 2011); Education: Mastbaum, Temple. Career: 7-12.

Last year: 10-5, 13-9.

Savvy seven: Joseph White, 5-10, G; Donte Watkins, 6-1, F; Cameron Estrada, 6-1, G; Tyquann Bardlavens, 6-3, F; Amir Ferebee, 6-foot, G; Jaleel Parlin, 5-11, G; Desmond Sams, 6-foot, F.

Snell's comment: "Talented and dedicated. If we defend, we will be in a lot of games."



Coach: Wali Smith, 1st year; Education: West Phila., Winston-Salem. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-1, 14-4.

Savvy seven: Lamont Bligen, 6-foot, F; Daquan Jones, 6-foot, G; Juawann Mason, 6-2, F; Qaadir Nock, 5-10, G; Maurice Wiltbanks, 5-10, G; Cole Askew, 6-5, C; Kylil Harris, 6-foot, F.

Smith's comment: "Returning two All-Public guards and nine seniors. Quick, defensively aggressive and experienced."


Coach: Larry Gainey, 11th year (also Parkway, 1999-2000); Education: Bartram, Delaware State. Career: 157-116; 144-97 at Franklin.

Last year: 6-9, 6-14.

Savvy seven: Sharif Saunders, 5-9, G; Jarrett Bryant, 6-3, F-C; Miles Evans, 6-1, G-F; Ryesheed Bonaparte, 5-9, G; Charles Davis, 6-foot, G-F; Emmanuel Young, 6-4, F-C; Kevin Tilley, 5-8, G.

Gainey's comment: "Hoping to be playoff bound."


Coach: Haviland Harper, 14th year (also Parkway, 1982-98). Education: Central, George Washington. Career: 324-356; 159-157 at Central.

Last year: 6-7, 6-16.

Savvy seven: Kyle Lafferty, 6-1, G; Donte Bennett, 6-4, F-C; Kadin Marshall, 6-foot, G; Romario Dorlus, 6-3, G-F; Christopher Bing, 6-6, C; Walter Pegues, 5-7, G; Richard "Tre" Drayton, 6-foot, F.

Harper's comment: "Excited about this team. Plenty of talent. Keep turnovers to a minimum and play together and we'll be fine."


Coach: Steve Kikendall, 3rd year (also Franklin, 2000; Bodine, 2005-09). Education: Liberty (N.Y.), Philadelphia Bible. Career: 92-85; 14-26 at Esperanza.

Last year: 7-4, 11-9.

Savvy seven: Shaquille Bowman, 6-6, F-C; Keon Wells, 5-6, G; Edwin Lugo, 5-9, G; Jean-Claude Forte, 5-11, G; Abdoulay Gakou, 5-11, G; Khalil Keel, 6-4, F; Lamere Jones, 6-2, G-F.

Kikendall's comment: "A lot of varsity experience, but looking for team chemistry. High expectations."


Coach: Mike Lintulahti, 2nd year. Education: Conard (W. Hartford, Conn.), Massachusetts. Career: 6-14.

Last year: 2-9, 6-14.

Savvy seven: Jalil Shafi, 6-2, F; Shaheed Holmes, 5-7, G; James Murray, 6-4, F; Tramayne Brooks, 6-5, F; Shamear Townsend, 5-10, G; Shakoor Woodson, 6-1, G-F; Taariq Ross, 6-2, G-F.

Lintulahti's comment: "This group is committed to working hard and getting better every day. Focused on helping our program take a step forward."


Coach: John Gannon, 21st year (19th in PL). Education: Neumann, Penn State. Career: 177-197 (not in PL in '94; 3-3 record).

Last year: 8-3, 13-6.

Savvy seven: Gary Bryant, 6-1, G; Jack Christmas, 6-5, C; Terrell Skipper, 5-10, G; Malcolm Carrington, 6-3, F; Mike Sturdivant, 5-11, G; Augie Legido, 5-10, G; Harry Taggart, 5-11, F.

Gannon's comment: "Experienced group. Will go as far as defense will take us."


Coach: Matt Hartman, 1st year; Education: Marple-Newtown, Saint Joseph's. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 1-10, 4-15.

Savvy seven: Luis Cirilo, 6-1, F; Chris Morgan, 6-4, F; Hassan Harrington, 5-9, G; Jorge Quinones, 5-10, G; Ed Booker, 6-1, F; Malik Jackson-Wallace, 6-foot, G; Zamir Boney, 6-foot, G.

Hartman's comment: "Hard work and good senior leadership will be our catalysts."


Coach: Duane Ramer, 1st year (also Gratz, 2010-11); Education: Paulsboro (N.J.), Trenton State (N.J.). Career: 40-9.

Last year: 4-9, 4-12.

Savvy seven: Aaron Jackson, 5-10, G; Gerald Scott, 6-foot, G; Riyadh Brown, 6-foot, G; William Leak, 6-2, G-F; Nafis Streeter, 6-4, F; Jose Troche, 5-11, G; Hakeem Booker, 5-10, G.

Ramer's comment: "The future looks bright!"


Coach: Lateef Green, 1st year; Education: Overbrook, Catonsville (Md.). Career: 0-0 .

Last year: 5-6, 14-10.

Savvy seven: Myles Brooker, 6-2, G; Khalik Long, 6-3, G-F; Michael Foster, 6-4, F; David Wright, 6-3, F; Rahfik Slaughter, 6-2, G; Kevin Tolbert, 6-2, G-F; John Washington, 6-1, G.

Green's comment: "If we stay disciplined, we can make some noise."


Coach: Dennis Engelman, 1st year (also Northeast, 2004-05); Education: S. Williamsport, Temple. Career: 11-30.

Last year: 2-11, 5-15.

Savvy seven: William Rampasard, 6-1, G; Yusef Savage, 6-4, F; Titus Duncan, 6-2, G-F; Walt Archer, 6-5, F; Keith Fletcher, 6-7, C; Darryl Bagwell, 6-1, G; Kyree Simpson, 6-foot, G.

Engelman's comment: "If we can take care of the little things, we will be successful."


Coach: Ron Brown, 1st year (also Mastery North, 2009-11); Education: Mastbaum, Delaware State. Career: 31-35.

Last year: 4-9, 7-12.

Savvy seven: Fred Frazier, 6-foot, G-F; Tim Jackson, 5-11, G; Markques Jones, 6-1, F; Khalil Jordan, 5-9, G; Shaquoir Cooper, 5-11, G; Jahaan Andrews, 6-7, C; Anthony Baldwin, 5-10, G.

Brown's comment: "Need the players to get better each day."


Coach: Tina Wiggins, 1st year (also Furness, 2009-10; Audenried, 2011). Education: Bartram, East Stroudsburg. Career: 26-22.

Last year: 5-8, 6-9.

Savvy seven: Daniel Hunter, 6-2, F; Jarbarr Rosser, 6-3, F; Kareem Coley, 6-2, F; Denzel Wingate, 6-1, F; Raymond Mills, 5-11, G; James Harrison, 5-9, G; Marquise Speight, 5-8, G.

Wiggins' comment: "Inexperienced. This is a rebuilding year."


Coach: Steve Gittleman, 4th year (also Akiba Hebrew, 1983-90; Lincoln 1995-2008). Education: Olney, Southern Mississippi. Career: Unavailable; 43-20 at Palumbo (146-154 at Lincoln).

Last year: 10-1, 19-3.

Savvy seven: Demetrius Davenport, 6-2, G; Jameal Tucker, 6-5, F; Reggie Hill, 6-4, F; Calvin Francis, 5-8, G; Jalen Thomas, 6-3, G; Denzel Williams, 5-9, G; Diaa Sawan, 6-foot, G.

Gittleman's comment: "Team defense and control of the boards are the keys to success."


Coach: Mike Carpenter, 1st year. Education: Cary Vocational, Cheyney . Career: 0-0.

Last year: 10-3, 15-9.

Savvy seven: Ichywond Savage, 6-foot, F; Quamier Johnson, 6-foot, G; Fa'Teem Glenn, 5-7, G; Aaron Searight, 6-1, G-F; Darius Moore, 5-10, G; Robert Moore, 6-4 F-C; Jeff Jones, 5-7, G.

Carpenter's comment: "Smaller than last year, but extremely competitive. Returning players are hungry and ready to prove themselves."



Coach: Pat Durkin, 7th year. Education: La Salle, Penn State. Career: 31-92.

Last year: 4-11, 8-13.

Savvy seven: Da'Quan Ballenger, 6-2, F; Jay Hardy, 6-4, G; Haneef Hardy, 5-8, G; Marcus Tillery, 6-7, C; D'Andre Parmley, 6-1, G-F; Dervin Buckery, 5-8, G; Maurice Dickerson, 6-2, F.

Durkin's comment: "Experienced, hardworking and focused. Should be fun to watch this year."


Coach: Michael Moore, 4th year. Education: Dobbins, Temple (current student). Career: 18-28.

Last year: 7-4, 7-7.

Savvy seven: Deontae Richardson, 5-10, G; Eugene Lett, 5-7, G; Jamal Phillips, 6-foot, F; Marcus Raymond, 5-5, G; Jermaine Griffin, 6-foot, F; Deon Haskins, 6-2, C; Maurice Strickland, 5-7, G.

Moore's comment: "New season. New outlook. Hard work will beat talent is talent fails to work hard."


Coach: Mike Gardner, 2nd year (also Center City Academy, 2003). Education: Washington Union (Fresno, Calif.), Temple. Career: 13-23; 7-14 at Carroll.

Last year: 4-7, 7-14.

Savvy seven: Jeremy Irby, 6-1, G; Jamier Cross, 6-foot, G; Dionte Lockwood, 6-3, F; Josue Falu, 6-1, G-F; Jerome Blume, 6-4, F; Ernest Osborne, 6-foot, G; Johnny Richardson, 6-foot, G.

Gardner's comment: "Go hard or go home."


Coach: Greg Frangipani, 1st year. Education: Eustace (N.J.), Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-12, 4-13.

Savvy seven: Jihad Ward, 6-6, C; Marquise Brown, 6-1, G; Jaleel Bennett, 5-10, G; Sean McLean, 6-3, G; I-Meir Martin, 6-4, G; Jihad Carter, 6-3, F; Deonte' West, 6-3, G-F.

Frangipani's comment: "Strong senior leadership. Long and fast. I'm learning on the job and hopefully we can grow together."


Coach: Ryan Monastra, 1st year; Education: Interboro, West Chester. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 3-12, 4-14.

Savvy seven: Brandon McGuire, 6-3, C; Naje Benton, 5-10, G; Thomas Whitfield, 6-1, F; Steven Smith, 6-1, F; Angel Lazu, 5-6, G; Benard Hysenaj, 6-1, G; Devin McCullough, 5-10, G.

Monastra's comment: "Focused on team basketball. Ready to challenge anyone on our schedule."


Coach: Steve Lesh, 1st year; Education: Souderton, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 4-11, 6-13.

Savvy seven: Stanley Whittaker, 5-10, G; Ravi Sinanan, 6-2, F; Keenan Tookes, 5-10, G; Anthony Harris, 6-foot, F; Terrell Smith, 6-1, F; Tyzahe Dunbar, 6-2, F; Donald Avery, 6-foot, G.

Lesh's comment: "Play with high energy and determination to make up for lack of experience."


Coach: Jason Skovronski, 1st year. Education: Hanover (Pa.), Misericordia. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 2-11, 5-14.

Savvy seven: Malik Mitchum, G, 5-9; Julius Van Guine, 5-8, G; Elijah Ingram, 6-3, F; Jaleel Robinson, 6-5, C; Kendale Brisbon, 6-3, C; Gionavy Fuentes, 5-11, F; Jamie Betencourt, 6-foot, G.

Skovronski's comment: "Hardworking, physical and smart basketball will be played at Kensington in the future."


Coach: Omar Richburg, 3rd year; Education: Pittsburgh Central Catholic, Indiana (Pa.). Career: 13-29.

Last year: 1-14, 4-18.

Savvy seven: Steven Scott, 6-foot, G; Kevin Beaford, 5-9, G; Earl Patton-Boyd, 6-2, F; Maurice Hayward, 6-2, F; Jamir Leach, 6-1, G; Shaquan McPhaul-Barr, 6-2, F; Nasirr Mayo, 6-1, G.

Richburg's comment: "We are going to play exactly how we practice."


Coach: Kevin Floyd, 1st year; Education: Saul, Temple. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 9-4, 12-6.

Savvy seven: Andrew Hoven, 6-3, C; Anthony Fagan, 5-11, G; Trebor Adams, 6-2, G-F; Dashante Alexander, 6-foot, G; Kevin Cooper, 5-10, G; Winell Christie, 6-3, F-C; Ruach Byfield, 6-3, F.

Floyd's comment: "New year. New attitude."


Coach: Terrell Burnett, 13th year. Education: Warrenton (Ga.), Temple. Career: 125-125.

Last year: 6-9, 9-14.

Savvy seven: Aswad Hinton, 5-7, G; F; DeAndre Hariot, 6-foot, F; Samson Akano, 6-2, F; Desmond Williams, 5-6, G; Josh Collins, 6-3, F; Julius Johnson, 6-1, F; Marquis McCombs, 6-4, F.

Burnett's comment: "Do you smell what Da Rox is cookin'? We look good on paper and I'm hoping we transfer that to the court."


Coach: Wayne Jackson, 1st year (also Phila. Regional, 1994; Germantown, 2007); Education: Lamberton, Temple. Career: 10-20.

Last year: 1-12, 1-12.

Savvy seven: Mike Fuller, 6-4, G-F; Angelo Maldonado, 6-foot, G; Devon Oliphant, 6-foot, G; Anthony Montgomery, 6-foot, G; Quadeer Pratt, 6-1, F; Jessi Carrasquillo, 5-7, G; Malik Gilliam, 6-foot, F.

Jackson's comment: "Rebuilding. Still under construction."


Coach: Lynn Greer Sr., 3rd year; Education: Edison, Virginia State. Career: 12-28.

Last year: 6-5, 6-15.

Savvy seven: Jordan Prather, 5-3, G; Sahlil Harris, 6-foot, G-F; Nadir Matthews, 5-9, G; Christopher Fortson-Linton, 6-1, F; DeAngelo Chisholm, 5-8, G; Samad Drayton, 6-2, F; Dominic Daniel, 5-5, G.

Greer's comment: "A not-so-tall team with players full of heart and willpower."


Coach: Eric Hooks, 2nd year (also Sayre, 2008-2009; resigned after nine games of '09 season). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 13-36.

Last year: 1-10, 2-15.

Savvy seven: Hakim Williams, 5-10, G; Raul McIlwain, 6-foot, G; Ikeem Dickerson, 6-6, F; James Suber, 6-4, F; Darius Savage, 6-foot, G-F; Antwan James 6-4, F; Robert Butler, 6-6, C.

Hooks' comment: "We will have to rely heavily upon an inexperienced group of sophomores to play extensive minutes."



Coach: John Creighton, 2nd year. Education: Northeast, East Stroudsburg. Career: 1-15.

Last year: 1-12, 1-15.

Savvy seven: Syr Munoz, 6-1, G; Benjamin Lamborn, 6-foot, G; William Madden, 6-3, F; Anthony Galdo, 5-11, G; John Kinning-Graves, 5-9, G; Nicholas Tuller, 6-foot. F; Dan Gehm, 6-1, F.

Creighton's comment: "Everyone is back and we will be better."


Coach: John Dunphy, 7th year. Education: West Catholic, Temple. Career: 6-92.

Last year: 0-11, 1-13.

Savvy seven: Mike Lauer, 6-1, F; Marcus Bryant, 6-2, G; Charles Ganges, 5-9, G; Damien Welcome, 6-3, F; Khalif Brawley, 5-10, G; Sahar Coleman, 6-1, F; Najee Parker, 6-2, F.

Dunphy's comment: "Ready to soar with a lot of new talent and veteran play from captain Mike Lauer."


Coach: Howard Waxman, 1st year; Education: Plymouth-Whitemarsh, East Stroudsburg. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 5-8, 5-8.

Savvy seven: Harris Griffin, 6-2, G; Ikeal Johnson, 6-1, G; Jeffrey Brown, 6-5, C; Khalif Scott, 6-foot, G; Nick McKeither, 6-1, G; Mikeal Robinson, 6-1, G; Two Osis, 6-1, F.

Waxman's comment: "Boys work hard and are focused. Would love to be a spoiler in Single A."


Coach: Henry Hunt, 1st year. Education: Ryan, West Chester. Career: 0-0.

Last year: 6-5, 9-8.

Savvy seven: Donique Moore, 6-2, F; Davone White, 5-7, G; Tahir Richardson, 6-4, F-C; Kyree Gardner, 5-6, G; Tahir Bey-Combs, 6-foot, F; Domonique Williams, 5-8, G; Dominick Morales, 6-1, G-F.

Hunt's comment: "Not the biggest team, but definitely very athletic. Strong defense will win us games."


Coach: Art Kratchman, 25th year (22nd in PL; missed first two games of '10 on medical leave). Education: Central, Temple. Career: 121-417; 107-394 in PL.

Last year: 1-12, 2-20.

Savvy seven: Tobias Stokes, 5-9, G; Jeff Williford, 5-10, G; Mikail Wilson, 6-4, C; Devon Ford, 6-1, F; Derrick Ford, 5-10, G; Jeremy Garcia, 6-3, F; Desmond Drummond, 6-2, F.

Kratchman's comment: "I said last year we would be a good team in January 2012."


Coach: Al Greene, 5th year. Education: Milton Hershey, Pitt. Career: 38-38.

Last year: 5-8, 5-11.

Savvy seven: Aatif Clark, 5-10, G; Marquis Singleton, 6-4, C; Keenon Johnson, 6-3, F; Eric Moody, 6-1, G; Ahtiff Govan-Wheeler, 6-foot, G; Mike McCracken, 6-4, C; John Feiffe, 6-foot, G.

Greene's comment: "We're not big or deep, but very balanced. It should be an exciting year."


Coach: Gus Johnson, 2nd year. Education: Dobbins. Career: 4-9.

Last year: 4-9, 4-9.

Savvy seven: Kalill Purnell, 5-10, G; Andrew Purnell, 5-7, G; Muhammad Conteh, 6-2, F-C; Jerron Lawrence, 6-foot, F; Shaun Reed, 6-foot, G-F; Cedric Wright, 6-1, F; Justin Davis, 6-foot, G.

Johnson's comment: "Hard workers who never give up."


Coach: Pete Canale, 4th year. Education: Radnor, West Chester. Career: 19-27.

Last year: 7-6, 8-8.

Savvy seven: Larry Webster, 5-10, G; Terrell James, 6-1, G-F; Markese Fray, 6-3, F-C; Mike Pearson, 6-3, F-C; Henry Johnson, 5-11, G; Dion Hundley, 5-11, G; Malik Hashim, 5-10, G.

Canale's comment: "There is a divinity that shapes our ends rough hew them how we will, but in basketball you must play defense still."


Coach: David Brown, 1st year (also PAC, 2009-10). Education: Gov. Mifflin (Pa.), East Stroudsburg. Career: 13-25.

Last year: 1-10, 3-14.

Savvy seven: Elijah Carroll, 5-9, G; Jamiel Hines, 5-10, G; Aaron Ball, 5-11, G; Dawud Muhammad, 6-foot, F; Joe Flynn, 6-foot, F; Khalil Laws, 5-9, G; Muhammed Laws, 6-3, C.

Brown's comment: "Young, hardworking team. Focused on defense and rebounding."


Coach: Isaiah Thomas, 2nd year. Education: Frankford, Penn State. Career: 5-16.

Last year: 5-8, 5-16.

Savvy seven: Jaleel Williams, 6-5, F; James Jefferson, 6-4, F; Anthony Wright-Downing, 6-1, G-F; Luis Martinez, 6-foot, G; Juwan Milliner, 6-3, G-F; Shavoy Murray, 5-10, G; Shyheim Ladson, 6-foot, G-F.

Thomas' comment: "We will go as far as our defense takes us. The sky is the limit!"


Coach: Matt Kay, 4th year. Education: Saul, West Chester. Career: 10-39.

Last year: 2-9, 4-13.

Savvy seven: Tyler Hankinson, 6-foot, G; Sam Kabangai, 6-foot, G; Mustapha Idriss, 6-3, F; Sam Sirochman, 6-2, C; Rick Kinard, 6-3, F; Nadif Bracy, 6-3, C; Jakobi Martin-Howard, 6-foot, G.

Kay's comment: "Scrappy defensive team with strong veteran leadership."


Coach: Joe Gifford, 4th year. Education: W. Catholic, Temple. Career: 3-43.

Last year: 2-11, 3-12.

Savvy seven: Shahiyd Tilghman-Bullock, 6-2 G; Troy Smith, 6-4 F; Basheer Hairston, 6-2, G-F; Jose Rios, 5-9, G; Raheem McCray-Wiggins, 6-2, Quran McRae, 6-2, F; Jaquan Hayward, 5-8, G.

Gifford's comment: "We are confident we can be much more competitive in this division."


Coach: Will Mega-Ashantee, 2nd year. Education: West Catholic, West Chester. Career: 7-8.

Last year: 7-6, 7-8.

Savvy seven: Amir Davis, 5-10, G; Donte' Winfield, 5-11, G; Malik Burbage, 5-11, G; Ernest Gibbs, 6-3, G; Richard Gaines, 6-4, G-F; Quamir White, 6-6, F; Azheem Wilcox, 6-4, F.

Mega-Ashantee's comment: "We're 1 year smarter, stronger, faster and better than last year."

RETURNING ALL-PUBLICS Selected by Daily News)




Daiquan Walker, Constitution, G; Maurice Watson, Boys' Latin, G.


Jeremiah Worthem, MC&S, G-F, jr.; Rysheed Jordan, Vaux, G, jr.


David George, Phila. Elec., F.


Rich "Eggy" Hoskins, Comm Tech, G; Carlos Taylor, Boys' Latin, F; Brandon Austin, Imhotep, G; Shaquille Bowman, Esperanza, C.




Guards: Imire Taylor, Frankford; Shawn Williams, Vaux; a-Malik Starkes, MC&S, jr.; Khyree Wooten, Imhotep; Yahmir Greenlee, Boys' Latin, jr.

Forwards-Centers: Nijay Kelly, Fels; Dijon Eggleton, Eng. and Science.

a: Transfer from Olney.


Guards: Mike Sturdivant, Masterman, jr.; Nadir Matthews, Bodine; b-Abraham Massaley, MC&S, jr.; Hakeem Baxter, Phila. Elec., jr.; Sean McLean, Bok; Qaadir Nock, Audenried, jr.; Demetrius Davenport, Palumbo; Hakim Williams, Sayre; Yusef Savage, Northeast; c-James Cole, Vaux, jr.; Jay Hardy, Swenson; Eugene Lett, Randolph; Marquis Richards, Robeson; Tobias Stokes, GAMP, jr.; Elijah Crandall, Phila. Academy, jr.; Jamier Cross, Carroll, soph.; Sam Kabangai, Science Lead.; Syr Munoz, Rush, jr.

b: Transfer from Prep Charter.

c: Transfer from Straw. Mansion.

Forwards/Centers: Michael Bowlers, Lincoln; Jai Williams, Phila. Elec.; Jahyde Gardiner, Freire, soph.; Michael Fuller, Edison; Ikeal Johnson, Elverson, jr.; d-Josh Collins, Roxborough; James Jefferson, Sankofa, jr.; Jihad Ward, Bok.

d: Played for Saul in 2011; dropped program.




Bartram 4A

Boys' Latin 3A

Comm. Tech 2A

Constitution 1A

Frankford 4A

Gratz 4A

Imhotep 2A


Phila. Elec. 3A

Prep Charter 2A

Southern 4A

Vaux 2A


Del-Val 2A

Dobbins 3A

Eng. and Sci. 3A

Fels 4A

FitzSimons 2A

Franklin LC 3A

Freire 2A

Germantown 3A

Lincoln 4A

Robeson 1A

Straw. Mansion 2A

University City 3A

Washington 4A

West Phila. 3A


Audenried 2A

Bracetti 2A

Central 4A

Esperanza 2A

Franklin 3A

Hope 2A

King 4A

Masterman 2A

Mastery North 2A

Northeast 4A

Olney 4A

Overbrook 4A

Palumbo 2A

World Comm. 1A


Bodine 2A

Bok 3A

Carroll 2A

Edison 4A

Franklin Towne

Kensington 4A

Lamberton 1A

Mastbaum 3A

Mastery South 3A

Randolph 2A

Roxborough 3A

Sayre 2A

Swenson 3A



Douglas 1A

Elverson 1A

Future 2A


New Media 1A

Palmer 1A

Parkway NW 1A

Parkway West 1A

Phila. Acad. 2A

Rush 1A

Sankofa 1A

Science Lead. 2A