MARK SANCHEZ isn't known for his long passes but - when it comes to photos - he can bomb with the best of them.

Yesterday, Trent Cole posted an Instagram photo showing he and Jason Peters getting IVs before tangling with the Seahawks.

"Getting the fluids to full," wrote Cole.

Sanchez, as you can see, decided it would be fun to crash the party. It's a shame he didn't show up for the game.

In another tweet, Cole, an avid hunter, wrote: "QBs today and whitetails tomorrow."

Cole didn't have either of the Eagles' two sacks. Bring on Bambi.

Hextall scores!

It was on this date 27 years ago - in a game against the Bruins - that the Flyers' Ron Hextall became the first NHL goalie to score by shooting the puck. Eight years earlier, the Islanders' Billy Smith was credited with an empty-netter because he was the last New York player to touch the puck before Colorado's Rob Ramage's pass accidentally ended up in the net.