May 8: Eagles make Marcus Smith a surprise first-round selection with the No. 26 overall pick in the draft.

April 21-June 19: Smith is introduced to outside linebacker during the Eagles' offseason program.

Aug. 8: Smith plays his first preseason game against the Chicago Bears and records two tackles. He finished the preseason with eight tackles and no sacks.

Sept. 7: Smith is active for the Eagles' opener against Jacksonville. He does not play.

Sept. 15: Smith is inactive for a game against Indianapolis. Mychal Kendricks suffers a calf injury.

Sept. 16-21: Smith starts practicing at inside linebacker. He plays 16 snaps against the Redskins.

Sept. 28: Smith struggles in pass coverage and makes an error that leads to a 55-yard touchdown catch by Frank Gore in a loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Nov. 2: Smith is inactive vs. the Houston Texans.

Dec. 7: Smith plays on special teams against Seattle. When the Seahawks' punter fumbles a snap, Smith helps knock the ball away.

Dec. 14: Smith does not play against the Dallas Cowboys. Trent Cole breaks his hand.

Dec. 16: Smith starts practicing at outside linebacker again with Cole's status in doubt.

- Zach Berman