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Eagles win big over Redskins; ‘smart’ holiday toys may spy on kids | Morning Newsletter

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Eagles wide receiver Golden Tate scores a two-point conversion against Washington cornerback Josh Norman in the fourth-quarter on Monday, December 3, 2018 in Philadelphia.
Eagles wide receiver Golden Tate scores a two-point conversion against Washington cornerback Josh Norman in the fourth-quarter on Monday, December 3, 2018 in Philadelphia.Read moreYONG KIM

It's not over 'til it's over. The Eagles scored a major victory last night against the Washington Redskins, renewing hopes that the Birds might just make a playoff run after all. We've got a recap of the game for you this morning, including the unexpected return of Mark Sanchez to Lincoln Financial Field. If you're going holiday shopping soon, you'll also want to read up on the many "smart toys" available this season. They may spy on your children — perhaps not a "smart" purchase after all.

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» READ MORE: Eagles 28, Redskins 13: Carson Wentz stars as Birds show signs of life in big NFC East win

The Eagles moved to 6-6 last night after a 28-13 win over the Washington Redskins at home, a key victory that sets up the possibility of a playoff run for the reigning Super Bowl champs.

Carson Wentz survived a few wobbles, including an interception, to pass for 306 yards and two touchdowns, one of which was Golden Tate's first for the team. During the second quarter, Redskins quarterback Colt McCoy suffered a broken fibula and none other than former Eagle Mark Sanchez came in to replace him.

The Birds now head on the road for games against Dallas, the top team in the NFC East, and the Los Angeles Rams, the top team in the NFC.

» READ MORE: Beware the holiday ‘smart toys’ that spy on your kids

Children often talk to their dolls and stuffed animals as if they're really listening. Maybe you did, too, once upon a time.

But did your favorite teddy bear write down everything you said? This holiday season shoppers can buy "smart toys" — equipped with microphones, cameras, and the ability to collect reams of data — that consumer advocates warn pose privacy and security risks for kids.

Internet-connected playthings have been found to be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks and security experts have shown they can be easily hacked.

» READ MORE: Bob Brady aide Smukler found guilty on 9 of 11 counts in campaign finance case

On Monday a federal jury found U.S. Rep. Bob Brady's top political strategist Ken Smukler guilty of nine of 11 counts of flouting campaign finance laws, including during Brady's 2012 primary bid for reelection in Pennsylvania's 1st congressional district.

In the 2012 campaign, Brady's opponent abruptly withdrew after he was promised a $90,000 payoff, which jurors concluded that Smukler helped to pay. The Justice Department now has won convictions and guilty pleas against four key players in that campaign, but Brady himself was not charged.

What you need to know today

  1. George H.W. Bush's body was laid in the rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Monday in a solemn ceremony honoring his decades of service as a Navy combat pilot, congressman, vice president, and president. A funeral is planned at the National Cathedral on Wednesday.

  2. FBI and IRS agents executed a search warrant early Monday at the home of Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam, but the agencies would not discuss the nature of the search warrant.

  3. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday ruled that it would not release the identities of 11 Roman Catholic clerics implicated in a high-profile grand jury investigation of child sexual abuse. The priests claim they were denied due process by the report.

  4. A long-awaited study of two pipelines planned for Delaware County found that the risk they pose to residents is less than that of a fatal car crash or house fire, but opponents of the pipelines argue its results support their position, too.

  5. The slaying of a 92-year-old gardener, his companion, and her brother on Saturday shook their Tioga neighborhood. Police believe robbery was the motive for the crime.

  6. New Jersey lawmakers are pushing a plan to allow undocumented immigrants to get driver's licenses and drive legally, a move supporters say will make all residents safer.

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That’s Interesting

  1. As if local sports fans don't have enough to think about this morning, Chuck Fletcher was named the eighth general manager in Flyers history yesterday and the Phillies acquired all-star shortstop Jean Segura from Seattle for J.P Crawford and Carlos Santana.

  2. A Secret Santa has given customers of the Kennett Square Walmart a big gift. The anonymous donor paid off about $29,000 in Christmas gifts purchased on layaway.

  3. Tinsel, the Christmas-themed bar that popped up in Midtown Village during the last holiday season, is back and bigger than ever, with some added twinkle to boot.

  4. Have guests with serious food allergies coming over for holiday dinner? Careful planning is the key to preventing allergic reactions.

  5. Food has always been at the heart of fire department culture, but family meals are a race against the clock. Local firehouse cooks know which recipes can withstand a break when the alarm rings.

  6. You won't want to read this during your family dinner: the latest report on Philly eateries closed by health inspectors features a rainbow's worth of different colored slime. Yuck.


"We must start investing in people, not in jails. Ending the cash bail system, and bringing people back so that the community can hold them, is a good place to start." — Eagles safety and criminal justice reform advocate Malcolm Jenkins on Philly's cash bail system.
  1. Revenue Commissioner and Chief Collections Officer for the City of Philadelphia Frank Breslin writes that the story on tax delinquency has changed and Philadelphians are largely paying their taxes.

  2. Following comments made by Temple University professor Marc Lamont Hill last week, University of Pennsylvania professor Jonathan Zimmerman writes that institutions like Temple shouldn't be deciding what is and what isn't a microaggression. 

What we’re reading

  1. This one is more of a "listening:" The latest episode from WHYY's podcast The Why explains why a tear gas manufacturer in Western Pennsylvania is in a legal battle with its neighbors.

  2. ecoWURD is probing the green generational divide between older residents of Philadelphia who value the environment and younger cohorts that litter in their latest story, complete with Goodie Mob lyrics.

  3. The latest from 34th Street Magazine provides a truly unique perspective on the city by asking Philadelphia natives who now attend the University of Pennsylvania how their view of their hometown has changed.

  4. If you're a fan of romcoms like Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You (and, who isn't?) you'll love BuzzFeed's conversation with the screenwriters that brought them to life.

  5. Rolling Stone says we're drowning in entertainment and that a deluge of new music is causing ripples throughout the industry. It's definitely food for thought for music lovers.

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