With little fanfare, the first Pennsylvania casino has officially opened for legal sports-betting. So far, the sportsbook is picking up a younger audience and this morning we've got an inside look at the first few weeks of the operation. We also have an outside look at Wissahickon Creek, this time a bird's eye view from a plane 800 feet up. From the sky, conservationists have seen what needs to be done to protect the waterway as it runs through the region.

— Aubrey Nagle (morningnewsletter@philly.com)

Did you know Pennsylvania’s first legal sports-betting operation is officially open for business?

If not, don't blame yourself — the launch was so low-key that a news release wasn't issued until betting had already started at Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course.

Two weeks in, the sportsbook is drawing a younger crowd, which is good news for casinos with aging audiences.

From its beginnings behind a shopping mall in Montgomery County to its junction with the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Wissahickon Creek winds for 24 miles through 16 towns and villages.

To get a better look at the ways it might be vulnerable to its environment, members of the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association, a nonprofit land trust founded to protect the creek, hopped in a plane.

New Jersey isn’t following the crowd. Nationally Democrats have been fighting gerrymandering (including, successfully, in Pennsylvania), but Garden State Democrats are looking to further entrench their power in Trenton.

A proposal to amend the state constitution has drawn sharp criticism from good-government groups, civil rights groups, and redistricting experts. They say it would allow Democrats to unfairly draw legislative districts in their favor.

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