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In welding, a trade dominated by white men, she’s blazing a path forward

“I’m a Loch Ness right now,” she said of being a black woman in welding.

Paint ’em low! Paint ’em high! Pro-skateboarder-turned-artist paints The Linc outdoors. | We The People

“I got this warmth from people I did not expect,” said artist Damian Smith.

Amid bicyclists on the Schuylkill, Philly attorney rides a penny-farthing

This is not a man who follows the crowd, unless that crowd is from the 1920s.

Her dad was a Philly firefighter, and now she runs the city’s EMS

Crystal Yates grew up in Philly firehouses, but never saw women there.

Teen’s path to a top music school included the U.S. Open, Patti LaBelle, and a bold audition

She started singing Jill Scott songs when she was 18 months old. Now she’s headed to Berklee on a full scholarship.

She uses tarot cards to discuss mental health and 89,000+ people are paying attention

"I think there’s something about the element of tucking something into an unexpected place."

Philly jeweler made his own prosthetic thumb out of silver: It's 'shameless self-promotion'

“He’s got a reputation for being a bit of a character, which I’m sure he cultivates," his son said.