The world has changed in almost every way imaginable in the 190 years since The Philadelphia Inquirer — then known as The Pennsylvania Inquirer — first published on June 1, 1829.

One thing that has not changed is The Inquirer’s commitment to asking “Why?” on behalf of the people and to providing them with journalism that benefits the public good.

To help commemorate the milestone of our 190th anniversary, we compiled historic front pages from our archives — 1829 to 2019 — that capture moments of local importance, of national and international significance, and of our Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalism.

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From then to now

Despite changes in the news industry and in our newsroom, The Philadelphia Inquirer remains focused on its core mission: ambitious, engaging, and useful journalism that makes a difference in our communities.

Here’s a look at the many ways our newsroom and our coverage are evolving to deliver Indispensable Journalism to the Philadelphia region.