Jessica Kendorski, PhD, NCSP, BCBA-D

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When your child refuses to go to school, here’s how to respond

Often a child’s complaints of illness can be attributed to a physical cause, but sometimes when a child is complaining of a headache or a stomach-ache, that pain could be the physical manifestation of his or her stress and or anxiety.

How to help kids cope with ‘toxic’ gender expectations

What if the problem with gender roles isn't “toxic” masculinity or “toxic” femininity? What if it’s our expectations? The we treat boys and girls differently based on our preconceived notions of masculinity and femininity can poison expectations.

The real victims of the college admissions scandal | Opinion

When parents try to document disabilities that do not exist to secure an unfair advantage it hurts those with disabilities, the student, and the system.

On Valentine’s Day, teach kids the importance of love that isn’t romantic

Valentine’s Day has traditionally focused on romantic love. But it also provides parents with a great opportunity to teach children to understand and appreciate all kinds of relationships.

Are your kids ‘roasting’ their friends at school?

Here's what you can do if you find out roasting is happening at your child's school.

How to involve your kids when making New Year’s resolutions

As parents, our children are always watching, even when we think they’re not, which means they’re watching us not only set these goals, but whether or not we achieve them.

What to say (and not say) when your kids are afraid

Fear when left unchecked has the potential to shrink our world, but appropriate response and facing a fear can expand our experiences and life.

Hard work, not just talent, makes for winning athletes - and scholars

The concept of "growth mindset," which suggests that talent can be developed through hard work and determination, is common in sports. Here's how growth mindset can be applied to children and school achievement.

Should we discourage children from having a best friend?

There appears to be an emerging trend of banning "best friends" among European schools and some American school, but is this really possible? Here's how parents can help their child understand friendships as they get older.