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The Commute: From jails to java

Roundup of the morning's best Daily News stories

Today's Daily News is packed with great stories:

Prison pandemonium: Stolen money, illicit sex, drug-smuggling - forget the inmates, allegations of wrongdoing by correctional officers are running rampant in the city's six prisons and satellite facilities.

Cabbie tragedy: Hafiz Salman Sarfaraz had plenty planned to celebrate summer with his 7-year-old daughter. Instead, an armed thug gunned the cabbie down in a still-unsolved slaying in West Philly.

Slumming: Aaron Ultimo, the man behind America's No. 1 coffeehouse, gamely tries out the brews at Philly's fast-food joints.

Murderous mama?: Did Tanya Williams intentionally starve her baby to death, or was she just a homeless woman failed by the system?