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Temple’s interim football coach is fired up to be in Shreveport, Louisiana

The Owls play in the Independence Bowl on Dec. 27. Guess you need to find some way to get excited to spend Christmas in Shreveport.

Ed Foley will be coaching the Owls in their bowl game later this month.
Ed Foley will be coaching the Owls in their bowl game later this month.Read moreSteven M. Falk

Ed Foley, the interim head coach of Temple football, was in Shreveport, Louisiana for a press conference ahead of the Owls' Bowl game later this month.

And boy, is he excited to be there.

In a video of the appearance that’s now going viral, the 51-year-old said his team is “going to be one of the greatest teams you’ve ever had here; I’ll promise you that.”

Temple will face off against Duke in the Independence Bowl on Dec. 27.

Foley’s fired-up diatribe earned applause from the crowd.

“I hope that we play well but I know that we’ll play hard,” he exclaimed. "And we’re gonna find out about Duke, and we’re going to find out about Temple, and which one of those football clubs wants to hit each other harder, longer.

“That’s what we’re going to decide here on the 27th.”

Foley also boasted about something pretty difficult to prove, but perhaps easy to believe, while imploring those in attendance to come out and participate in bowl-game festivities.

“I hope you’ll [come] see the finest group of men who has ever come through Shreveport.”

He also said to locals that the Owls “are going to love you, and they’re going to love Shreveport.” Strong words.

Foley -- the brother of Glenn Foley, former NFL quarterback -- is serving as the interim coach in a Temple bowl game for the second time. He’s running the show as the program searches for a replacement for the departed Geoff Collins, who left for Georgia Tech, and he had to do the same when Matt Rhule left for Baylor in 2016.

The internet had some fun with Foley’s surprisingly excited press conference, comparing his appearance and mannerisms to the “Matt Foley” character on Saturday Night Live made famous by the late Chris Farley.