DEAR ABBY: I have been married to "Scott" for several years. It's the second marriage for me, the third for Scott. We attend a lot of school sporting events for his youngest sons. My problem is the mother of one of the team members. She is married but she's obnoxiously flirtatious with Scott, and her behavior is escalating.

Scott is trustworthy, and I don't want to take this out on him. But it has been getting to me lately, and I find myself being mad at him. I don't want to make a scene. What do you suggest?

- Annoyed in Oak Grove, Mo.

DEAR ANNOYED: This isn't something you can handle alone. You and your husband must confront this woman together in order to effectively put an end to it.

DEAR ABBY: You frequently advise a child with problems at home to seek out a trusted teacher to confide in. To ask a teacher to venture into serious allegations of abuse and/or neglect is not fair to the teacher or his family, and few are qualified to help, other than to call the police or child protective services.

I would suggest instead a trusted relative who has some knowledge or insight into the family dynamics, or even a hotline number to call for professional advice.

- Mother of a Teacher, Santa Ana, Calif.

DEAR MOTHER OF A TEACHER: I advise children who are being physically or sexually abused to confide in a trusted teacher because teachers are mandated by law to report crimes against children. In my opinion, for a teacher to ignore it because it might be awkward would be criminal. You do not have to be "trained" to report abuse. I have done it myself. *