- A doctor dressed as Captain America was arrested after groping a woman at a bar and fighting with her boyfriend, police said.

Patrons at the bar were in costume as part of a bar crawl Saturday night, police spokeswoman Jill Frederiksen said.

A man carrying a burrito and dressed as Captain America approached the woman, began to say dirty things and touched her inappropriately, police said. He then brawled with her boyfriend, authorities said.

Several patrons who had dressed as the superhero were asked to step outside so the woman could identify the suspect, Frederiksen said.

She picked out Raymond Adamcik, 54, police said.

After he was arrested, he tried to flush marijuana down a toilet at a police station, police said.

Adamcik was released on a $2,500 bond and faces charges of possession of marijuana, destruction of evidence, disorderly conduct and battery.

A secretary at Adamcik's office said he was on leave and that the office was not accepting messages for him.

The real stars-and-stripes-clad superhero made news recently after he was killed in a March issue of the comic book. *