BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Actress Connie Hines, who played Wilbur's wife on the popular 1960s television show "Mister Ed," has died.

She was 78.

Her "Mister Ed" co-star Alan Young told the Los Angeles Times that Hines died Friday at her Beverly Hills home from complications of heart problems.

Hines was best known for portraying Carol Post on the show that featured a talking horse.

She wrote a section about her career in Young's 2007 book, "Mister Ed and Me and More."

Born in Massachusetts, Hines made her feature-film debut in the 1960 film "Thunder in Carolina, " and appeared in other TV shows, including "The Millionaire," "Johnny Ringo" and "Riverboat."

Hines was married twice, the last time to Lee Savin, an entertainment lawyer and producer who died in 1995.

For years, "Mister Ed" has been re-aired on cable and in syndication all over the world, to the delight of Hines. "You know, we have a whole new audience," Hines said on "CBS This Morning" in 1991. "I still get letters, and now they're from 4-year-olds and 5-year-olds, and it's just wonderful. People stop me on the street and they say, you know, 'Thank you for being my baby-sitter.' "