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Chat transcript - Fantasy Football

Ed Barkowitz live chat, 12/13/07

Ed B: Just wanted to throw a quick promo out there. Tomorrow's Daily News will have the popular year-end fantasy awards ballot. Be sure to fill one out and send it in. One reader will get two tickets to the prestigious Philadelphia Sports Writers Award dinner on Jan. 28.

Ed B: Allow me to clean out a couple from the email bag. Yo Ed, I am in the semifinals. If I win this week I play for the Championship. So here is my roster, please make your picks: (1 QB, 1RB and 3 WR) or I can also do (1QB, 2RB and 2 WR) Kurt Warner or Jay Cutler Rudi Johnson and/or Willis McGahee Andre Johnson, Greg Jennings, Brandon Marshall, Larry Fitzgerald and Dwayne Bowe -- Craig from Warminster

Ed B: Craig, I'd go with Cutler over Warner. I don't mind Warner's matchup at New Orleans, because the guy generally likes the indoors, but he's just too erratic. Of the others, McGahee and Marshall are definites. After that, I'd go with Jennings and Larry Fitzgerald, slightly over Andre Johnson. Obviously, keep tabs on Fitzgerald's toe injury this weekend, but if he plays (at New Orleans) he could be huge.

Ed B: Nick from Havertown sent this one in: Derek Anderson or Big Ben? Torry Holt or Brandon Marsall?

Ed B: I'd definitely go with Marshall (i'm falling in love with that guy) and I'd give a slight nod of Big Ben over Anderson. Problem with the quarterbacks is that snow and wind are expected in Cleveland and Pittsburgh, which could make moving the call challenging.

John: Which two RBs would you start this week? Edgerrin James, Frabk Gore, or Marshawn Lynch.

jimmy: tory holt or travis henry or kolby smith. I can only start 1.

Ed B: John, start Edge and Gore, but keep tabs on Gore. He's still not a hundred percent and I wish the Niners weren't playing on Saturday. Marshawn's not a terrible plan B at Cleveland if you really wanted to play it safe.

Ed B: jimmy, i'd go with holt. He is the surest thing of the three, even with the Rams playing musical quarterbacks. And for any of my friends in (ahem) Vegas, the Rams getting 10 at home is worth a look. This coule be a look-ahead game for the Pack, who visit the Bears next week.

Barnicle: Ed, I am in the semi-finals this week and who should I start at RB..Justin Fargas or Maghee

Ed B: Barnicle, interesting handle. Gotta be a story behind it. Anyway, I'd go with McGahee. I don't like Fargas' matchup against an Indy team that could jump out to a lead and I don't like that Lamont Jordan had 11 carries last week for the Al Davises. McGahee in Miami is guaranteed 100 yards, unless something goofy happens -- and goofy things have been known to happen in Miami.

Ed B: ... Oh, and Dominic Rhodes also might be part of the Raiders' mix of RBs.

Jamie: Selvin Young or Travis Henry?

Tim: Thomas Jones or Kevin Jones???????

MD: Ed the weather is going to bad on Sunday do I sit Tom Brady and play John Kitna?

Ed B: Jamie, I'd go with Selvin Young. A guy in our office with the same question summed it up best: "my whole season is depending on what Mike Shanahan is going to do." I feel for everybody in this spot, but I'd go with Selvin. Good luck to all.

KIR: Would you start Baltimore's defense against the Dolphins or the Vikings red hot defense?

MD: ED RB'S Jones Drew or Ryan Grant Thanks

Ed B: Tim, normally, I'd avoid Kevin Jones, but if Thomas Jones is your only option, I'd go with Kevin Jones. I don't trust any Jets this weekend.

Ed B: MD, I'm worried about the weather too, but not enough to sit Brady. If the Pats had a bigger running game threat, than I might consider Brady. He might not get those long-distance touchdowns, but the Pats will still throw the ball in the red zone.

Ed B: KIR, I'd go with the Vikings. Kyle Orton in that Metrodome has a good chance of throwing a pick six.

KIR: How about Fargas or Kevin Jones? I have seen that you don't like either, but I have to choose one.

Ed B: MD, I'd go with Ryan Grant. He's been the midseason sleeper everybody (like me) was looking for when they jumped on the merry-go-round of Brandon Jackson and that Wynn guy.

Ed B: KIR, of the two, I like Kevin Jones. KJ is OK in certain spots and i think is a better play than Fargas. Who's your other RB?

admin: OK, it's almost 2:00 p.m. Thanks for chatting, everyone, and get those last questions in.

KIR: Westbrook. But I also have Michael Turner.

Eddie Welch: Who would you play Charles Johnson or D. Driver at WR this weekend?

KIR: Thanks for your help and good luck this weekend!

Ed B: KIR, yeah, Westbrook (obviously) and KJ would be the way I'd go. Good luck with it.

Ron Noel: I love you Easy Ed

frankie: in a PPR league. Lendale White or Deion Branch @ flex?

Chazzzzz: Do you think LT will have a big game?

Ed B: Eddie Welch, re-check your Johnson and get back to me. Chad? Calvin?

Ed B: frankie, Deion Branch.

Eddie Welch: Its Calvin the rookie

Ed B: Chazz, I like LT's matchup against Detroit, but I don't like teh fact that fullback Lorenzo Neal is out for the year. Still, these are the Lions and 110, two scores and maybe a half-dozen catches should be doable.

Doobs: Minn or SD defense this weekend?

Ed B: I'm outta here guys. Good luck to all. Be sure to vote for the fantasy awards. Finally, not sure if you saw last week's column, but I'll have the result of the playoff game between new Phillie Brad Lidge and now ex-Phillie Aaron Rowand in tomorrow's paper.

Ed B: Doobs, Minnesota

Darci's mole: Thanks Eddie

admin: All right, the hour's up. Thanks again for chatting, everyone, and see you back here next Thursday at 1:00 for more Fantasy Football insights from Ed.