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Eagles Chat Transcript - Dana Pennett O'Neil

Live DN chat - 12/17/07

Dana: sure everyone is feeling happy, so fire away.

bigfan: I know our record is bad and most have written the Birds off as a fallen dynasty, however....if you look at that last 4 games...we have not only hung but should have won all of them. Point is we are not as bad as our record..Donovan was never 100% this season and I truly feel Reids boys interfered with his game planning....pick that up, 5 improves being one FULL yr. away from injury and we also dreaft wisely.. all will be fine.

Dana: bigfan: i admire your optimism. truly. not sure i'm entirely with you. the eagles have been in every game, i agree but i'm also not certain if they've got enough talented players to make another big run. and to rely on the draft with their history is dangerous. but i do admire your optimism

Jim: Dana - Do you really believe the talk that their still in the running for the playoffs? Yeah, mathmatically maybe, but realisitically?

Carl Diffenbaugh: Dana, I'm a long time Eagles fan down here in Naples, Fl. I'll chalk this victory up to Andy. Through all the stuff, he's managed to keep himself, the coaches and players upbeat! Way to go Andy!!!

elliott: hi dana, what is up with jevon kearse? didn't he used to be a valuable part of this defense? thanks.

Dana: jim: technically they are, so it's not a matter of believing it. could be short-lived, though, if minnesota wins tonight

Dana: elliott: Jevon simply hasn't been that good this year. i'm not sure if he's not fully recovered from the knee injury yet or what's going on, but Juqua Thomas and Trent Cole have been too good to keep out.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Defense played well, W-Brook excelled as usual and Donovan played his best game so far. Still, Birds need more talent and better game from Donovan. Too many holes to address before we have a REAL chance to run @ Super Bowl.

Dana: Carl: fair enough. i'm sure a lot of teams would have tanked in similar circumstances.

Dana: walt: in Donovan's defense, he was hit an awful lot and still came up big. and the eagles weren't playing the dolphins. i think he hasn't been great this season but he's better than a lot of alternatives.

bigfan: Dana..What was with the officials last night..the mystery false start, the non call on the illegal hit on Schobel and AJ getting flagged?

Dana: bigfan: it wasn't their best night, was it? the aj thing, I understand. remember the eagles security guy had a similar thing on a jr reed kickoff return a few years back. the hit on schobel was awful. will be interesting to see if a fine is coming.

George Clinton: Hello. First off, I think that you would make a great P-Funk All-Star; have you ever attended one of my shows? My football related question involves the OVERALL mental toughness of the Eagles: Do you think in any way that the loss of so many key veterans over the past several years has hurt the team's leadership? Do you think that Trotter's loss left a mental leadership "void" that has yet to be replaced? Who do you think will step up if this is Dawkins' last year? Keep up the good work!

jt: Did Vaughn Hebron kiss and make up yet with the other Post Game Live Hosts? That was ugly and uncomfortable to watch last night.

Dana: George Clinton: not sure i have it in me for the p-funk all stars. As for the Eagles, I think there is something to that, definitely. Not sure if its more important than simply a lack of talent, but i do think it's an issue.

Dana: jt: usually those things don't last but don't know for sure.

D.J. Smith: Hello Dana, I was impressed with the "D" for the dmost part, Lito did a good job on whatshizname and our D-line was solid, too bad they haven't played that way for the season, but to stop the stars was a big achievememt.

Diggs: What do you think about Roy Williams horse collaring McNabb yesterday?? He knew he just came off a serious knee injury. What a coward! By the way, love you on DNL.

Dana: DJ: The defense hasn't been the problem this season. Scoring points has been the Achilles heel. But I agree, Lito did a nice job but more, it was an interesting and innovative change by Jim Johnson.

bigfan: You heard it hear first...the Vikings will take out the Boys in the playoffs....Dallas isnt that good..and Romo hasnt won even close to a big game yet.

Dana: Diggs: Thanks. Hard to say what's intentional or not, but the horse collar rule has been in effect since TO before the Super Bowl, so he ought to know better.

Dana: bigfan: wouldn't go that far. they weren't 12-1 on smoke and mirrors. losing this game might be the best thing that happens to them.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I wouldn't be surprised if McNabb isn't traded to Chicago, Atlanta or Miami in the off season. The right trade would be paramount to the Birds picking up some high draft picks and give them the talent needed to replace aging veterans like Dawk. Young is how the Birds' philosphy and I can't see them not moving McNabb despite what Banner and Reid say.

Will: Dana, Why did Vaughn Hebron look so uncomfortable talking about McNabb last night after the game? Doesn't he understand the only way the media can make money is to be negative and that now he is a part of the media??

Will: Dana, Why did Vaughn Hebron look so uncomfortable talking about McNabb last night after the game? Doesn't he understand the only way the media can make money is to be negative and that now he is a part of the media??

Scott: Why is the media starting a controversy and is so convinced that Donovan McNabb won't be back next year?

Dana: walt: i'd agree except that joe banner doesn't lie. he doesn't always tell the truth, but he rarely makes concrete statements as he did about donovan unless they're legit. i also don't see how you get rid of donovan when you have no idea what you have in kolb yet.

Dana: scott: ah, always our fault, isn't it? i think the question of donovan's future began the day the eagles drafted kevin kolb. they drafted him, not the philadelphia daily news or the philadelphia inquirer, so that's why the questions are around.

Dana: will: vaughn obviously hasn't had negative media training 101 yet. we all get indoctrinated after our first year.

D.J. Smith: I hope Donovan can improve his game these last 2 games, he had 2 clutch plays yesterday (in my opinion) the 28 yard run up the middle and the last 3rd down toss to Celek.

Scott: Dana, What are the chances that Roy Williams gets a suspension for making yet another horse collar tackle? He has been fined twice already, do you think the NFL will slap him with another fine or sit him down a game or two?

bigfan: I hope everyones taking notice of how well Paterson is playing this year...very quiet but very consistent.

DelawareBornEagleFan: With or without McNabb, no solid targets to throw to means whomever is QB will have problems. So Dana who (Receivers and or Offensive Line) can help pick up the slack Offensively?

Dana: dj: if you remember, before the ankle injury, donovan was playing better. so presuming he's over that (as well as the knee and the thumb)that's not out of the question.

Tom newmaster: Do you think after this year Andy realizes he has to upgrade the receiving corp?

Dana: delawareborn: excellent point. the eagles have had one pro bowl receiver in donovan's 9 years. just so happens they went to the super bowl that year. they need to get more out of reggie brown on a consistent basis. otherwise it's all westbrook, all the time.

Dana: tom: i'd love to think so, but i think he'd tell you kevin curtis was the upgrade

Dana: scott: not sure what the nfl will do regarding williams. but the hit to the pocketbook isn't working.

Nze: No matter how much people want to give yesterday's game to D Mac, I think his inconsistencies again showed yesterday. It might be that the coaches don't give him the luxury to change plays in the hurdle using his own plays because that scheme works for QBs like Payton and Tom. Until the eagles let him change things with his own plays in the hurdle I don't think his errant passes will ever end. I just think its more of play calling than D Mac

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Dana- look at Denver, Arizona, Tennessee and the success they are having with their young QB's. I think Feeley is a good backup, much better than Doug Peterson (remember him?). Also, we're not exactly an offensive dynamo. We need to get started with a young moving in this retooling stage.

Steve: Is Dallas Clark a possibility as a replacement to L.J. Smith?

Dana: walt: but you can't throw kolb in on game 1 next season and sink or swim with him. as for feeley, did you watch him play this season? really?

Dana: steve: i think lj's replacement is brent celek.

Dana: nze: donovan does audible. not as much as manning or brady, but he does have that luxury now.

Will: Dana, When you went to college, did you think your going to become a journalist or a gossip column writer?

Dana: will: i thought i was going to become a journalist and like to think i still am. have yet to see my byline in people.

D.J. Smith: Can Westbrook be cannonized a Saint by the Pope, his non-touchdown was an amazing play, first that he gave up the points and second that he listened to a lineman, and kuddos to Runyan for telling him not to score!

walt - Bethlehem, PA: You are right with Kolb and starting him game 1. But, Feeley as you recall won 4 or 5 games about 3-4 years ago as Donovan's replacement when no one gave him any chance at all. Wasn't he a rookie then?

Scott: What positions do you see the Eagles upgrading during the off-season?

Dana: dj smith: he could run for mayor of this city and win, that's for certain. was a very heads up play by both westbrook and runyan.

Dana: walt: that was under duress and if you're going with kolb you need a better backup, a la jeff garcia.

Dana: scott: i know what i'd like to see - wide receiver, tight end. but i'm not sure that they put the same value on those spots as the rest of us do.

Will: Dana, here is something serious I always wanted to understand (I think you are a good journalist by the way) What is the link between Howard Eskin and Eagles Mgmt??

Jeff: It looked to me like TO beat Lito for what could have been 2-3 TD's had Romo been on his game. Why the love for the D?

Adam: Dana, what is the biggest position of need this offseason?

Nze: I think with him having worked with AR all these years, AR should be confident in him to even design plays because he sees a lot more in the hurdle than what AR will see from the sideline. Even though I think Donovan doesn't have much in the tank anymore, I think he will thrive in such situations where he can design his plays. All QBs do audible but having that extra luxury really makes the difference between an audible an an actual play

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I'm not convinced that the Eagles will win a SB with McNabb. Let's face it, the clock is running and the time is now for a host of reasons. I can accept a better backup for Kolb to "bring him along" but we need to do you.

Dana: will: put that next to the pyramids as one of the seven wonders of the world. don't know. howard, like him or not, has a lot of clout, and maybe they figured better to be on his good side.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Need to do it now!

Dana: jeff: the defense hasn't been great a la the super bowl year or years before, but they've been pretty solid, particularly considering how much they play.

Scott: I agree with you 100%, and I know they put a "value" on players, but do you think they are scared to go get a guy like Chad Johnson because of the T.O. debacle? Also, do you think that Larry Fitzgerald would be a good #1 WR in this offense? I hear both are on the trading block.

Nze: with Kearse now manning the bench, do you see him as an EAGLES next year, Dana?

Dana: adam: again, it's what you and i might think and what they might think. i think they need better wide receivers. not sure they'd agree

Dana: scott: they say they don't run scared because of the to debacle, that they weigh the risk reward. but i also think to happened because 5 pushed for it. not sure he will push for chad johnson.

Dana: nze: can't imagine it. lots of money to pay a man to hold pom-poms.

Ryan: What is the general consensus with Gaither?...I know he has had some good games and it seems like he has nice range....But is he really the long term answer at MLB??

John: At what point do you worry about David Akers?

Jeff: Dana, I agree, the D has been much improved over last year - except turnovers - and that it's the offense that has let them down overall. That said, if you could select a starter at any position for next year, what would it be?

Scott: Last question, do you think Kearse is shot? Or do you think the Birds will give him one more year because of the knee injury? It seems like he is still not 100%. Also, since Takeo Spikes has a torn rotator cuff, do you think they will shut him down for the year?

Adam: What Eagles will make the Pro Bowl and who SHOULD be in the Pro Bowl? I'd say Westbrook and Cole for sure.

Dana: ryan: i know they like him. honestly, at the beginning of the season it seemed like a bad choice but the fact that we haven't talked about him much tells me he's ok.

Nze: I just think that the T.O debacle happened because the FO didn't handle the situation appropriately. That doesn't mean that Chad will be the same issue. Look how T.O is doing in Dalas. I thought that he will be playing with another team right now but when you handle crisis well, you reap from it. I guess thats what makes J.Jones a good owner

Dana: john: soon, i think. he used to be money. not so much right now and you can't blame the holder any more.

Dana: scott: andy said today he's not sure what will happen with takeo. i doubt he'll play but it's hard to predict.

Dana: adam: westbrook ought to be a lock. cole, yes, i'd see that one too. probably all.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Let's give some kudos to a person who really deseves it.....Def Co Jim Johnson. Without him where would this team be??

Will: I'll actually ask a football ? Do you expect the eagles to Draft for Now this offseason and show an emphasis towards bringing in free agents?

Diggs: Is Spikes done for the year? If so, who will be the starting LBs for the last two games?

Dana: nze: to's always wondeful when you're winning. we'll see...

D.J. Smith: I wouldn't start worrying about Akers, he's had a rough season but I imagine he'll bounce back. Besides, nobody will eat that contract.

D.J. Smith: I wouldn't start worrying about Akers, he's had a rough season but I imagine he'll bounce back. Besides, nobody will eat that contract.

Dana: walt: agreed. jim johnson has bailed this team out a lot in his career. and this year he has a secondary that's been beat up, two $$ defensive ends in Kearse and Howard who can't play and a whole new linebacking corps.

Dana: diggs: not sure yet about spikes. that seems likely, though.

D.J. Smith: That kick he bounced off the right goal post last week would have been good from over 60 yrds. if it ran true

Dana: dj smith: excellent point. he's still good but he hasn't been nearly as reliable as he has been in years past.

KL: can we stop with the nonsense that the TO thing was somehow the fault of the front office, players, coaches, etc. no one can make some one else do the right thing, and TO was intent on doing the wrong thing. Rosenhaus did not help, and i also think that had something to do with stallworth leaving.

Dana: kl: there's no question that TO is responsible largely for his own disaster. That said, the front office does have the right to say to a guy, hey you played really well and you're right, we can pay you more. just like you can get a merit raise. holds true for TO but more, should hold true for westbrook.

D.J. Smith: Takeo seems to have gotten the system down, will be tough without him the last 2 games, I think we are decent at the LB slots for the forseable future

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Did anyone see T.O. bitching around on the sidelines? A tiger doesn't lose its stripes. Same old is geeting real old.

Adam: It seems like this team has a lack of discipline this year. AJ Feely hitting the ref on the sideline, Q running the int out of the end zone, false start after false start... Bill Belichik would've benched Q for the rest of the game, so nobody else does anything stupid!

Dana: dj smith: will be interesting to see what they do for now. but it's funny isn't it? everyone was scared to death about the LBs after Trotter left? Hard to give the devil his due, but sometimes the Eagles aren't wrong.

Dana: walt: exactly. he's all sunshine and roses at 12-1 when the playmaker (him) is getting the ball.

Dana: Adam: the Feeley thing was a silly mistake and Q made a bonehead decision, but benching him would be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Will: The Eagles FO was responsible for the TO debacle. TO didn't work for an atwill employer, his objective was more money. The Eagles could have paid him more if they wanted him to stay but instead they were worried about their precious pennies at OUR EXPENSE!!!

Dana: will: i think it's like an ugly divorce. both sides have some responsibility.

mark: i think the eagles could go either way the next few years.they are close to being a really good team but also close to being a bad team. front office decisions will make or break the next few years

Dana: mark: that's usually teh case, but seems that way particularly this season. they are getting older and less productive at some positions, so it will be an interesting off season, no doubt.

D.J. Smith: I thought Gillies (I probably butchered that) filled in well for "the big kid" after a couple of series, what's your view Dana?

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I, for one am glad that T.O. moved on. We shall see the next time that T.O. doesn't get the ball and starts his BS ranting. By the way, the Birds have done an excellent job of defending him over the years. Not much of a threat like Randy Moss.

Dana: dj smith: spelling only counts for me. donovan certainly saw some more pressure once andrews left the game, but max jean-gilles wasn't awful, no.

Dana: walt: an excellent job save the first game this season where he basically did whatever he wanted.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: What areas of need do you see the Birds addressing in the draft?

D.J. Smith: Dana, thanks for coming to Philly, tis bout time our papers joined the 21st century and hired knoledgeable women who have chosen to cover sports!

Dana: dj smith: thanks much.

JoeC: someone explain Westbrook's stopping on the 1.

Dana: walt: they put a premium on certain positions - cornerback, defensive end, defensive line being among the top 3. so i always look there first.

Dana: joeC: sure. if he had scored, the cowboys get the ball back with 2 minutes left, plus 2-minute warning timeout. it's a long shot, but they could score and then get the onside kick. since the cowboys had no timeouts left, the eagles only had to take a knee to run out the clock and preserve the win. it was a very, very smart and selfless thing to do.

D.J. Smith: so the boys wouldn't get the ball back Joe, we then ran out the clock, was a great move!

JoeC: someone explain Westbrook's stopping on the 1.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I think the birds are set in the offensive line and LB's. We need a KR badly as well as a safety to be groomed for Dawk's position.

mark: dana, are you free tonight?

Dana: walt: they think considine can get it done. not sure i agree. as for KR, not sure what they'll do about that.

Dana: mark: uh, no.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Sure, Dana's free have dinner with her husband.

mark: Dana, just kidding. Its so slow here I thought I'd liven it up.

D.J. Smith: Sean has improved, but he has a ways to go to be in league with the Dawk!

Dana: mark: no sweat. i have to work tonight, actually. monday night live on sportsnet.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Considine is just too "frail" or maybe not physical enough. He just doesn't seem to have that "presence" needed to be a great SS.

Dana: walt: i'm not entirely sold, either.

mark: Dana, I'll look for you there.

mark: bottom line:should Reid and Mcnabb both be back next year? I say given their track record, yes. What do you think Dana?

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I always enjoy watching you on DNL. Les, Paul, yourself and Baldy are my favorites. All extremely football savvy people.

D.J. Smith: Dana, what's your take on Reed, his ability has surprized me somewhat!

Dana: mark: they will be, that's for sure. and i think yes, they should be.

Dana: dj smith: I'm amazed that the man can walk let alone do what he's doing.

Dana: walt: thanks.

admin: OK, the hour is almost up, folks. Thanks for chatting, and get those last questions in.

D.J. Smith: for sure Dana, I think everyone thought he had a career ending injury, he's a keeper in my book!

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I'm surprised Victor Abimiri (??) hasn't played more. What's the story?

KL: does westbrook make the pro bowl? hope so!

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Abirimiri?

D.J. Smith: Thanks again Dana, keep up the good work!

Dana: kl: hard to envision a scenario where he doesn't.

mark: I think a tweek here and there and the Eagles are fighting for the division next year.

Dana: abiamiri: writing about that on wednesday. numbers glut, mostly.

Kyle - Elkins Park: I'll be glad when they release him. So i don't have to hear any more about McNabb. You media people will have some else to dog.

Dana: kyle: yup. we usually draw names out of a hat.

Chad: I am still a diehard philly fan. I think the eagles are just reaching the inevitable reorg/rebuild that all teams face after a while. they have given us some fantastic, exciting seasons, to which im proud. should've had a few trips to the superbowl, but oh well. what it the main area of concern for the eagles in order to be back in the hunt next year?

Kyle - Elkins Park: Or maybe I should say the next poor shuck who plays quarterback for the eagles.

Chad: I am still a diehard philly fan. I think the eagles are just reaching the inevitable reorg/rebuild that all teams face after a while. they have given us some fantastic, exciting seasons, to which im proud. should've had a few trips to the superbowl, but oh well. what it the main area of concern for the eagles in order to be back in the hunt next year?

walt - Bethlehem, PA: I'll put you on the spot. Who's your favorite football analyst?

mark: bryant gumbel is the worst announcer.

mark: thanks Dana, have a good one.

Dana: chad: i think you nailed it. the cyclical nature of sports isn't just a cliche.

walt - Bethlehem, PA: Is Celek our starting TE next yr? If not are there any FA's worth looking at?

D.J. Smith: Kick some butt tonight Dana, seeya!

Dana: walt: i think it's celek and/or schobel.

Dana: thanks for the questions everyone. enjoy the rest of the season.

admin: All right, it's 2:00. Thanks for chatting, everyone. We'll be back next week.