Check the faces in the image below before comparing your answers against the key at the bottom of the page. Good luck!


Left to right

Top (first) row: e. Anthony Toney; i. Ben Smith; x. Brian Mitchell
Second row: d. Charlie Hayes; l. Dana Barros; m. David Alexander
Third row: k. Dorsey Levens; b. Earnest Jackson; g. Gary Redus
Fourth row: p. Glenn Wilson; f. Illka Sinisalo; w. Juan Bell
Fifth row: s. Kent Manderville; c. Kevin Stocker; o. Kjell Samuelsson; t. Matt Geiger; j. Mikael Renberg; q. Mike Gminski
Sixth row: a. Peter Zezel; n. Ron Gant; h. Sedale Threatt; v. Terry Carkner; y. Tim Thomas; u. Wayne Gomes; r. William Thomas