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Facing the drought

How many do you recognize?

Check the faces in the image below before comparing your answers against the key at the bottom of the page. Good luck!


Left to right

Top (first) row: e. Anthony Toney; i. Ben Smith; x. Brian Mitchell
Second row: d. Charlie Hayes; l. Dana Barros; m. David Alexander
Third row: k. Dorsey Levens; b. Earnest Jackson; g. Gary Redus
Fourth row: p. Glenn Wilson; f. Illka Sinisalo; w. Juan Bell
Fifth row: s. Kent Manderville; c. Kevin Stocker; o. Kjell Samuelsson; t. Matt Geiger; j. Mikael Renberg; q. Mike Gminski
Sixth row: a. Peter Zezel; n. Ron Gant; h. Sedale Threatt; v. Terry Carkner; y. Tim Thomas; u. Wayne Gomes; r. William Thomas