A sampling of fans' reactions after the Eagles-Giants game:

IN THE GRAND finale, the Eagles played like Beagles. It is a shame, but somewhat fitting, that these players couldn't step up one last time for their coach. Here's hoping the new regime makes good use of the #4 pick. Coach Reid leaves as the greatest coach in the history of the franchise - thanks for the memories.

- John Braithwaite


Thanks for the last 14 years, well more fittingly thanks for the first 11 years.

- palmyra21, on Philly.com

Sadly, Andy is not gone until Lurie says so, and he has yet to say so.

- The Truth Hurts, on Philly.com

A fitting obituary for a coach who not only won more games in team history but also lost the most games in team history. The irony of the biggest guy in the clubhouse choosing smaller players with "high motors" and we saw how that worked again today as the Giants o-line threw our interior d-line around like rag dolls.

A guy who for years told us we didn't need a No. 1 receiver, didn't need a running game, and one year told us we didn't need a punt/kick returner. A guy who couldn't punch it in from the 1-yard line, a no-nonsense guy who lived by gimmicks in the last 5 years. Time now for an owner, general manager and head coach to get back to basics, build us a winner and give us a Super Bowl before we die.

- vaphillyfan1, on Philly.com

This team is a complete embarassment. 95% of these players' hearts pump kool-aid.

- pflynn20, on Philly.com

We live in the present, we'll be thankful and appreciative of Andy Reid and his contributions to the franchise years from now.

- @ChrisC2Cosme, on Twitter

Andy Reid is the only coach in my lifetime who was given 14 years and came up with nothing. He got 100% support from ownership, got all the players he wanted, and he couldn't get it done, given more opportunities than anyone before. If he hasn't coached his final NFL game, there is at least one very foolish owner out there.

- jtj06, on Philly.com