$1,000 winner

People that play the Daily News Home Run Payoff Contest develop a sixth sense when the phone rings just after a successful Payoff inning ends.

"Don't even tell me I won," blurted Joanie Bescript, of Juniata Park, shortly after we got out the words "calling from the Daily News . . . "

"I've been playing for years," she went on. "I get nervous when they are on and sometimes can't even watch."

So, she wasn't watching when Delmon Young, for the second consecutive night, hit a fourth-inning solo homer to open the scoring in the Phillies-Marlins game last night.

It was the fourth Payoff homer this month after we gave away cash just once in April.

Joanie, a mother of three and retired from a drug company, has definite plans for her money, and they involve her husband John, a retired photographer.

"I'll take him out," she said. "He deserves it."

We knew that was coming.

In addition to Bescript, there were three winners of Phillies Gift Packs last night:

Debra Crockett, Aldan, Pa.

John Fox, Roslyn, Pa.

Raymond Stephens, Philadelphia

The Daily News pays $1,000 for a home run hit in the Payoff inning and $10,000 for a grand slam. Contestants whose batters fail to hit a home run receive a gift pack, which includes Phillies-related items.

To date, the Daily News has paid out $5,000.

You can hear the Home Run Payoff inning during each Phillies broadcast on WPHT (1210-AM) and WIP (94.1-FM).

Today's coupon is on Page 45.