The Eagles added some depth to their offensive line in the first round of the NFL draft Thursday by trading up for Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard.

Dillard, a four-year starter for the Cougars, was generally regarded as one of the best offensive tackles in the draft.

The analysts expect he’ll do a fine job keeping Carson Wentz’s jersey clean.

The Eagles traded their fourth- and sixth-round picks to move up three spots for Dillard, and it may have been the right call, based on rumors regarding the Texans’ interests in Dillard at No. 23.

Here is’s scouting report on Dillard heading into the night:

“Talented four-year starter at left tackle with outstanding feet who offers an instant athletic upgrade for teams getting battered from the blind-side. Because of his scheme, Dillard will be a little behind in terms of his feel for set points and firing off the ball in the run game. While he could play with a little more ferocity as a finisher, he has the athletic ability to make all the blocks and the protection talent to become a good, early starter on the left side.”

Eagles players seemed to be happy with the pick:

Here’s ProFootballFocus’ scouting video on Dillard: