The Eagles had another slow start and failed to stop the Cowboys’ offense in their second consecutive loss. It was the sixth time the Eagles have trailed by 10 or more points in seven games this season.

“When you fall down 14-0, something’s gotta change,” Doug Pederson said. “It takes you out of a rhythm a little bit.”

Wentz added, “It sucks. It’s something we have to get fixed.”

Here are some of their thoughts on the game from their postgame press conferences:

On second straight blowout loss

Pederson: “After a game like this, we got to take a step back and look in the mirror. It starts with me. I have to be better.”

Wentz: “Frustrated. A little embarrassed. They beat the crap out of us.”

Early turnovers

Pederson: “We can’t do that. That led to 14 {points}. We got to fix that in a hurry. You give Dallas a short field like that, good teams are going to score.”

Wentz: "When you turnover the ball on the first two drives, it’s hard. I have to protect the ball.

On offensive line and Cowboys pass rush

Pederson: “That’s a good pass rush. I gotta give them credit. We can’t let our quarterback get hit that many times.”

Wentz: “We got down early. We were forced to throw the ball. We just all have to be better.”

Upcoming Stretch:

Pederson: “We have nine games left. We got the guys in the locker room to get it fixed.”

Wentz: “I’m confident it’s a long season, and we can get this thing fixed. If we all stay together, we can bounce back.”