The Christmas spirit might still be lingering in Philadelphia.

In case Cody Parkey’s four-year, $15 million contract wasn’t enough of a consolation after the “double doink” missed field goal, generous Eagles fans sent the kicker money over Venmo.

Some suggested he buy himself a beer, others suggested they’d pay him “one dollar per goalpost”

But, as should be expected with the internet, people started trying to take advantage of the trending charitable giving.

Venmo users started making fake accounts under the name Cody Parkey, trying to get a share of the pot. Some were evn smart enough to use a picture of Parkey.

Some were ... less creative.

Chris Long took notice, and suggested the donations should be going to the Eagles player who contributed to the kick that sent the Birds to New Orleans.

Is there a chance this will make amends for that Santa Claus thing?