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Jalen Ramsey gets the call on Michael Gallup’s big catch, the Dolphins try to snatch Cam Newton’s chain, and more from NFL Week 1

Did Ramsey's reputation as one of the NFL's top cornerbacks help sell the call to the officials?

Jalen Ramsey is now the NFL's highest-paid cornerback, and he earned his money Sunday.
Jalen Ramsey is now the NFL's highest-paid cornerback, and he earned his money Sunday.Read moreMarcio Jose Sanchez / AP

The Dallas Cowboys looked like they found late-game magic when Michael Gallup reeled in a 47-yard pass down the sideline on the highest-paid defensive back in the NFL, Jalen Ramsey. The catch would’ve put Dallas on the Los Angeles Rams' 19-yard line and given them a chance to score a late touchdown or send it to overtime with a field goal.

After Gallup made the catch, Ramsey did a flag gesture to referees, implying that there was interference. The flags came flying and the offensive pass interference call ended the Cowboys' hopes.

“He extended his full arm so it was clear as day," said Ramsey, not exactly known to mince words. “If they didn’t call that I would have been highly upset.”

Referee Tony Corrente backed Ramsey’s statement, but many people didn’t agree.

There are two things to remember when choosing a side on this call. The NFL’s one-year experiment with challenging pass interference calls wasn’t good, so the league removed it. And since you can’t challenge the play, referees are making split-second decisions in real time.

People also wonder if there’s a such thing as a superstar call, and if there is, this could have been an example. Ramsey’s reputation as a lockdown corner makes it hard to believe he’d be beaten down the field one-on-one. Gallup’s hand extension may not have been too obvious, but referees don’t see Ramsey get beat often, so when he flailed back after the extension, he sold the call if it wasn’t already made.

Cam Jordan says the no-attendance crowd reminded him of a Buccaneers home game

The Saints-Buccaneers showdown has the makings of a mini-rivalry going forward. Pro Bowl players Marshon Lattimore and Mike Evans had their annual shoving much, two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks lead the teams and they are division rivals..

The quiet stadium didn’t seem to limit the noise on the field. There were a few run-ins between players, so it was only right that a couple of shots were fired after the game.

Tampa Bay hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007, and Pro Bowl defensive end Cameron Jordan is the type of player to remind them that the Saints have been the much better team over the last decade. When he was asked about the Superdome’s quiet atmosphere, he said that it actually had a similar feel to it.

“It sort of felt like we were at a Tampa Bay game,” Jordan said.

The Superdome is known as one of the loudest places to play, so Jordan can take shots at other stadiums, but this didn’t feel like a subtle jab. This felt like a reminder to everyone on the Buccaneers' hype train that the Saints have been the class of the division.

Stay tuned, folks. There’ll probably be more chirping when these two teams meet again in November.

Dolphins players try to snatch Cam Newton’s chain

Getting your chain snatched is a sign of weakness in masculine culture. Many rappers, football players and other popular figures who wear expensive jewelry try to dodge this scenario. People still make jokes about Aqib Talib snatching Michael Crabtree’s chain. You just can’t let it happen.

Cam Newton’s debut performance with the New England Patriots was one of the most anticipated, and it didn’t end without a little extra drama.

After the game, Dolphins players appeared to be reaching for Newton’s chain.

“They were reaching for my chain, and I think that kind of got up under my skin,” Newton said.

Newton teased coach Bill Belichick that the Dolphins almost made the College Park come out of him, referencing his home in Georgia, but he didn’t want to take away from the Patriots' win.

Newton brings a different flare to New England, as evidenced by his two rushing touchdowns, and 230 total yards on the ground and air. It’ll be fun to watch how he and Belichick coexist.