The Eagles lost to the Cowboys on Sunday.

Here are some highlights from Doug Pederson and Carson Wentz’s postgame press conferences after the game.

Doug Pederson

On whether he considered going for two after the touchdown when the Eagles tied the game late with an extra point:

The decision making was to kick the extra point and tie it up … We had a little discussion, but at the time, where we were as a team, we felt good about it and kept the points on the board.

On what he was told about the Cowboys’ fumble on the game’s opening kickoff that wasn’t ruled a fumble:

Just basically, it was a clear fumble and then they didn’t know exactly who necessarily recovered it at the time. It was a big pile, I guess, and just unfortunate.

On what he attributes another slow start to:

I think some of it, you give credit to Dallas. This is a good defense, we knew that going in. Some of it is their design, very disruptive up front. And then it just comes down to attention to detail, focus, things that have kind of hampered us all season, showed up early in this game and it was tough to get things going early.

On what he told his players after the game:

I just told them listen it’s one of those games where I’m proud of the way they fought, I’m proud of the way they hung in there, battled back. We were never really out of this football game at all. And just basically told them, listen, the way we all felt in that dressing room, you’ve got to hate this moment, you’ve got to hate this feeling you’ve just got to hate losing, and you’ve got to learn from it. You’ve got to move forward and pick ourselves up off the mat and get ready to go for another one.

On whether he thought Carson Wentz looked hesitant in the first three quarters:

I think there’s enough to go around offensively, I don’t think we put it on the quarterback. I think we’ll take a look at this film and make the corrections where we need to. This is a tough game and he’s done some great things tonight in the second half. We’ll evaluate the film and everybody will look at it and go from there.

Carson Wentz

On the offense’s struggles for most of the game:

That’s a good defense, a good team. They play hard. We just couldn’t stay on the field, and we just couldn’t establish long drives and put things together. And we just didn’t execute.

On having to be asked week after week about the team’s slow starts:

Yeah, it’s frustrating. It’s absolutely frustrating. With the talent that we feel we have on the offensive side of the ball. We just couldn’t execute, couldn’t sustain drives, and came up short here and there. Without a doubt, it’s frustrating.

On what he thinks of where the team is overall at this point:

We’re not going to, you know, do anything crazy as far as where we’re at. We will never quit. I know that. I will never quit. And we’re just going to keep competing our tails off and preparing our tails off, and let the chips fall where they may.

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