When Nick Sirianni addressed the Eagles’ players Wednesday morning, he made sure to bring up Henry Ruggs.

The former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol resulting in death and reckless driving after a car accident Tuesday in Las Vegas left a 23-year-old woman dead. The Raiders also announced his release from the team.

Ruggs is a former Alabama teammate of several Eagles players, including DeVonta Smith, who called the fellow receiver his “brother from another mother” before the Eagles’ game against the Raiders two weeks ago.

Because the news might be weighing heavily on some of his players, Sirianni said he felt compelled to discuss it.

“I think another thing I’ve learned along the way is you should never be passive about anything,” Sirianni said. “If there is something that could be troubling some of your players or something that needs to be addressed, you need to address that.

“I addressed it in our team meeting. Really more about the knowledge of it. Again, all I care about is that these guys are safe, and that’s all our organization cares about, is that these guys are safe and they know the resources that they have.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a prosecutor said Ruggs was driving his Corvette 156 mph just before the crash. He also had a blood-alcohol content twice the legal limit and a loaded gun in his car, according to police. His air bags reportedly deployed with his car moving at 123 mph.

Jalen Hurts, who played with Ruggs for two seasons at Alabama before transferring to Oklahoma, said his thoughts were with the victim’s family.

“I give my condolences to the family of the young lady that passed away,” Hurts said. “It’s unfortunate to see a situation like that unfold. I’ll leave it at that. It hurts my heart, for everybody involved.”