Ben Fennell is an Emmy Award-winning producer, editor and researcher across several media platforms, including NFL Network, ESPN College Football, The Athletic and Eagles Game Plan on

He is analyzing the 2019 NFL draft for The Inquirer, breaking down the best player, the riser and the sleeper at each position.

Today, in part 9 of our series, he looks at three edge rushers.

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Nick Bosa, Ohio State

6-4, 266 | Arms: 33 inches | 40 time: 4.79 seconds | Vertical jump: 33.5 inches | Broad jump: 9-8 | 225 bench press: 29 reps

Round projection: 1 (top 5)

Ben’s take: “He’s very similar to his brother, though he’s not as fluid as Joey. But he’s a pass-rushing prodigy. He has great hand-usage while gaining ground on an offensive tackle. He’s not a guy who needs to stand in front of a tackle and dance.

“He has a variety of moves: cross-chops, double-hand swipes. He can bend the corner. He’s got spin moves. Has long arms.

“The guy’s got huge quads. It’s pretty clear he hasn’t skipped a leg day [in the weight room] in his life. But because of that, he’s a little bit tight-hipped. He’s not as fluid or as athletic or as light on his feet as his brother. But he still can set a really strong base in the run game.

"He’s a guy you don’t have to take off the field. Whether you want him standing up off the edge or playing a 4-3 and kind of being a stout edge-setter, any team would love to have this guy.’’


Brian Burns put on 20 pounds after the 2018 season.
Paul Sancya / AP File
Brian Burns put on 20 pounds after the 2018 season.

Brian Burns, Florida State

6-5, 249 | Arms: 33 7/8 inches | 40 time: 4.53 seconds | Vertical jump: 36 inches | Broad jump: 9-8 | 225 bench press: 29 reps

Round projection: 1 (15-32)

Ben’s take: “He played last year at between 220 and 230, and showed up at the combine at 249. The main concern of scouts had been his weight. But he added the 20 pounds after the season and still ran a 4.5 and looked good in movement drills at the combine.

“Burns is athletic and spry on his feet. But it’s not only the athletic ability and the movement patterns and the speed and length. He has good hand usage with it. That total package makes him one of this draft’s elite pass rushers.

“He’s not an edge rusher who just wants to run around offensive tackles. He’s not a guy who just relies on his first step, or just to get the corner. He’s a guy who’s very technical with his hands. He can beat tackles inside or outside. He can knock their hands down.

“He can cover ground with his size and length. At Florida State, they used him in some spying schemes on third down, with him mirroring the quarterback.

“The big question with him will be whether he’ll be able to keep the weight on that he added and whether it will have an impact on his speed and flexibility. It didn’t seem to at the combine.’’


Ronheen Bingham, Arkansas State

6-2, 243 | Arms: NA | 40 time: NA | Vertical jump: NA | Broad jump: NA | 225 bench press: NA

Round projection: 6-7

Ben’s take: “He was one of the most productive pass rushers in the country. He had the best pressure-per-rush average of any player in 2018, and the best over the last two years, edging out Nick Bosa.

“He has a bunch of power moves. He can run around offensive tackles. He’s a little short and undersized. Has that shorter, stockier frame like a Brandon Graham or a Carl Lawson of the Bengals, as opposed to those long Inspector Gadget edge rushers like Brian Burns. But I like that because you can also kick him inside like the Eagles do with Graham and he can beat some guards.

“Had 18 ½ tackles for losses and nine sacks last year. He’s not a run-around[-the-tackle] guy. I value edge rushers that don’t just look to do that. He’s a guy that will go through you. He can use his hands. He has inside moves.

“Rushing the passer is a Point A-to-Point B business. If you need to run around players, it takes extra time. Rushers like Bingham that are more linear in their path can win quicker. But you need to have a little more play strength and core strength and technique in your hands to win faster. This kid’s got a lot of that.’’