The Eagles are still alive for an NFC wild card ― and they were helped by the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night.

It will require challenging wins and help elsewhere to reach the playoffs, but the Eagles will remain in contention at least until Sunday, Dec. 22.

Here are the NFC standings entering the Week 15 games:

New Orleans: 11-2

Los Angeles Rams: 11-2

Chicago: 9-4

Dallas: 8-5

Seattle: 8-5

Minnesota: 6-6-1


Carolina: 6-7

Eagles: 6-7

Washington: 6-7

Green Bay: 5-7-1

Barring something unforeseen, the top five teams in the NFC are set. It’s that last wild-card spot that’s for up grabs. The challenge for the Eagles, in addition to their schedule, is that the Vikings and Panthers have head-to-head wins over them, so Minnesota and Carolina would win any tiebreakers. The Eagles would need a better record than both teams.

The Eagles will play at the Rams and home against the Houston Texans (9-4), and close the season at Washington. If the Eagles win all three, they’ll make the playoffs as long as the Panthers and Vikings lose a game. If the Eagles win two of three, they’ll need the Panthers or Vikings to lose two games and for Washington and Green Bay to lose one.

Here are the remaining schedules of the contenders for that wild-card spot:

Minnesota: vs. Dolphins, at Lions, vs. Bears

Carolina: vs. Saints, vs. Falcons, at Saints

Washington: at Jaguars, vs. Titans, vs. Eagles

Green Bay: at Bears, vs. Jets, at Lions

The Vikings, Panthers, and Eagles all play against two teams with winning records, so no one has an “easy” path, but the Vikings are the front-runner for the final spot entering the final three games. However, the Eagles still have a shot.