Students who graduated from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art last week took part in a new tradition in the making: They received a surprise piece of art from a successful alumnus, along with their diploma.

The artist was Edgar Heap of Birds, a multimedia artist, educator, activist, and member of the Cheyenne Nation who received a master of fine arts degree from Temple in 1979. He is known for his text-based conceptual art.

His silkscreen print featured the phrase “Learn, Share, Lead” in white letters on a red background, the school colors.

“I wanted these students to receive something concrete to celebrate the conclusion of their studies at Tyler, something they would keep and enjoy for the rest of their lives,” said Tyler dean Susan E. Cahan.

About 500 prints were handed out at graduation on May 10. The school plans to ask a different alumnus each year to create a piece of art for graduates.

Heap of Birds explained his choice of words in a Temple news release: “If you participate in your community then maybe you have the ability to represent it. I look at these three words like that — you’ve got this privilege to know, then the issue is to share it and maybe provide leadership if you have something to offer. What are you going to do to help?”