Before we even learned who killed Erin McMenamin on Sunday, many Mare of Easttown fans were asking a new question: When would Mare be back?

Kate Winslet, the Oscar winner who traded her British accent for Delco’s distinctive O’s to play police detective Mare Sheehan, has suggested she’d be up for a second season of the so-far limited series, telling TV Line that “I would absolutely love to play Mare again.”

Creator Brad Ingelsby, who grew up in Berwyn and based the show in and around Philly, is making no promises.

“I love Mare, I love the characters,” he said in a phone interview on Thursday. “If it hits me one day and I have a great idea that I feel passionate [about], that’s a continuation of the story that’s deserving and surprising,” it could happen.

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“I think the thing that I would be scared of is to do it just because we had the chance to do it. ... This season was just so carefully plotted emotionally, and also in terms of the mystery that I think [it shouldn’t be done] unless we had a deserving second chapter.”

He doesn’t rule out the possibility completely.

“That’s not to say it won’t happen. It just hasn’t happened right now. I haven’t gotten that lightning bolt that goes, ‘Oh, I cracked the story,’” Ingelsby said.

Mare of Easttown, should it return, wouldn’t be the first so-called limited series to exceed its original expectations for length, but not all second chapters are as good as the first.

“I’ve seen enough of them to know what we’re up against,” Ingelsby said. “I wouldn’t want to pursue it unless I knew it could be great.”