Viewers of the Fox musical game show Beat Shazam got some sad news at the end of Monday’s episode: Alan, one half of a team they’d just seen win $260,000, had died some time after taping the show.

Host Jamie Foxx also delivered the news on Twitter, saying, “We are thankful we met this wonderful spirit.”

A Fox spokesperson on Monday confirmed that the deceased winner was Alan Smith. Smith was a longtime singer with the Sensational Soul Cruisers, a group based in Jackson, N.J., that often played gigs at the Jersey Shore. He died in February at the age of 49, according to an obituary in the Courier-Post.

Viewers, meanwhile, were aghast.

The show’s official Twitter account initially seemed to be more about the win than the loss that followed, tweeting: “Congratulations to Alan and Taheem for being $260,000 richer!"