PASADENA, Calif. — There is, apparently, no end to the string of shows that Berks County mother of eight Kate Gosselin refers to as a “family business.”

In June, TLC will premiere Kate Plus Date, in which the 43-year-old Gosselin, with the help of professional matchmakers and the encouragement of her two oldest, 18-year-old Cara and Mady, looks for love in places that are apparently far from her Pennsylvania home.

After not having found anyone on her own in the area since her 2009 divorce from Jon Gosselin, her costar in the original Jon & Kate Plus 8, “I decided to sort of broaden my horizons and cast a wider net,” she told reporters Tuesday at the Television Critics Association’s winter meetings, where she appeared with the twins, who’ll be part of the show.

“We’ve been nudging her to date for years,” said Mady Gosselin.

The blind dates took place in a few cities, including New York, Gosselin figuring that if something were to actually work out, the geographical details could be worked out later.

From the clip reel, it appeared that breaking the news about the Gosselin twins and their six 14-year-old siblings might be the least of Gosselin’s dating woes.

Asked if cameras might someday follow her children to college, the former Dancing with the Stars contestant said, “That’s up to them.” Cara and Mady have discussed it, she said.

Reporters appeared skeptical — I know I am — but Gosselin defended the choice to put much of offspring’s childhoods on public display.

“This is 10 years and counting. … More than anything, it has enriched their lives,” she said, noting that, among other things, it had made them more worldly.

Not so worldly, though, that they necessarily want to see their mother behaving like The Bachelorette.

She insisted, she said, that the show be “G-rated.”

“It’s important for me to be an example for my kids,” she said, and wanted them to be able to watch it “without it being cringe-y or uncomfortable.”

This could be a tall order: I cringed a bit myself during the clip reel, which showed Gosselin appearing dismissive of a number of prospective suitors.

“I learned so much about myself” making the show, she said. “And it’s painful at times.”